Why Round Glasses Are BAD For You!

This season is all about vintage inspiration, with eyewear designers taking cues from the past in their fall collections and sending retro silhouettes into the world of fashion. While throwback styles are always going to be a great trend, round designer glasses can be absolutely terrible for you! Yes, we all want to hold each other’s hands and sing Beatles songs in harmony, but we can’t all look like John Lennon while we do it. Want to know why?

Many people simply don’t have the right face shape for round glasses. Specifically, those with round and oval faces should completely avoid this type of frame. These silhouettes have soft facial features, thus the circular lenses will only add more curves to the face and overwhelm your look. John Lennon, on the other hand, had an oblong face, which looks great with tall lenses because they shorten the disproportional  length of the face. Ideally, you want to create balance in your appearance, thus the perfect frames for you are those with a more structured design. This way, rectangles and other geometric frame shapes will add angles to your face and create a complementary look.

If you’re trying to figure out why something looks a bit off when you look in the mirror, your glasses should be one of the first things you check. Round is simply not a style that works on everyone! Unless you’re blessed with majestic cheekbones or a chiseled jaw, stick with angular styles like the Alain Mikli glasses and MYKITA glasses below.

Alain Mikli AL1039 eyeglasses

MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses

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