Our favorite reading glasses for 2012

It’s no secret these days – more people than ever are in need of corrective eyewear. In fact, more than 90 percent of people wear some form of glasses, according to the Wall Street Journal. This includes reading glasses, which are great for those who spend a lot of time working on the computer.

Reading eyeglasses help reduce strain on your eyes, which often leads to fatigue. Also, those who opt for anti-glare treatments on their lenses will benefit during their nighttime reading, so that light bounces right off the glasses rather than shining right through.

What’s great about reading glasses is that just about any pair of frames can be fitted for them – so here are some of our favorite pairs of designer eyeglasses to use for reading this season:

Prodesign 4650 eyeglasses

Prodesign 4650 eyeglasses in color 6032 are a great unisex option. It looks best on those with sharper angles in their face, as the round curves give a nice contrast and accentuate these features. They are quite a simple design, with a small patch of color on the hinge with matching ear tips.

Alain Mikli AL0322 eyeglasses

Alain Mikli AL0322 glasses are a funkier style, with a full plastic rim that is accented with black and clear stripes. The brand is known for its cool patterns, so make sure to check out the entire collection to find something that fits with your personal style.

Face a Face Ebony 1 eyeglasses
For the ladies, Face a Face has a vast collection of feminine frames that are perfect for reading glasses. Try Face a Face Ebony 1 glasses for example. The cat-eye shape is an extremely popular retro style these days, and the red-to-clear gradient is a modern twist that will definitely be making heads turn. Who wouldn’t want a pair of these chic frames?

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  1. Danica

    Womens reading glasses are perfect for those individuals who want to add more style on themselves. Thanks a lot for showing the latest trends about reading glasses for women.


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