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What You Should Know About Alain Mikli’s Move to Luxottica

Update from Vizio Optic:  We no longer carry the Mikli par Mikli or Alain Mikli brands.  Please browse our currently available designer brands and call, chat or email us for personalized assistance. We are an authorized dealer of authentic European and US brands, shipping world-wide!

Thank you from all of us at Vizio Optic!

In November, Alain Mikli Eyewear was sold to Luxottica Group, the manufacturer and distributer of numerous high-end eyewear brands including CHANEL and Ray-Ban. Having an esteemed reputation for handcrafting its frames, the French company’s fans have been concerned about whether the acquisition by a large distributor will reduce the quality of the products. We want you to know that there is no change in the design values that Alain Mikli has always had, frames are still created by hand to provide you with a brilliantly crafted accessory.

The decision to move to Luxottica was done to bring the Alain Mikli brand to a wider audience.

“I have worked for 35 years pursuing the same idea and the same dream: to please our clients,” the designer said in a press release about the acquisition. “Now I can share my passion with many customers around the world.”

Alain Mikli AL1039 eyeglasses in red

And that passion is handcrafting a superior pair of eyeglasses that you can use to truly express a part of your personality. For example, one of our favorite models – Alain Mikli AL1039 glasses – features a unique, marbled effect created by layering colored petals with mother of pearl, resulting in a beautiful depth that captures light at every angle. It’s the creative thinking and eclectic inspiration that makes Alain Mikli such a revered brand, and we want you to rest assured knowing that same high quality will continue into the future.

With that said, we’d love for you to take a look at this wonderful video showing the above frame being made by the man himself:

Photo: CH2Creative

Must-Have Eyewear Accessories

Designer glasses are an important accessory, and you know we live by this! We believe in having multiple styles and colors for each and every mood, so you can switch up your frames just as often as you change your handbags and shoes. But the fun you can have with your look certainly doesn’t stop there, did you know that you can have accessories for your accessories? La LOOP eyewear necklaces are another great collection of items you can add to your everyday look, with so many different styles allowing you to mix and match with your favorite outfits.

The most popular style we sell is the La LOOP S108 eyeglass necklace in black, with the same model in silver as the runner-up.

La LOOP S108 eyeglass necklace in black
La LOOP S108 eyeglass necklace in silver

Made of rolled cord nylon, this necklace is strong and durable, and the neutral colors can go with virtually any outfit. The defining characteristic of La LOOP necklaces is the center ring where you can hang your frames, rendering the typical librarian eyewear lanyard obsolete. You’ll never misplace your specs when they’re literally right in front of you, and when you’re wearing them? You’re left with a stylish necklace!

La LOOP 308P c.WH eyeglass necklace in white freshwater pearl

Out of the new arrivals we got this week, our favorite is the La LOOP 308P eyeglass necklace, made with iridescent white freshwater pearls. This elegant  silver chain connects to a silver ring on the end, with clasp closure that keeps your accessory securely around your neck. At 21 inches, this chain hangs down to the center of the chest.

La LOOP 506 La Bling bracelet

And just for the heck of it, why not complete your spring accessories collection with a shimmering La Bling bracelet? Shine on like a true rocker – we guarantee you’ll be the star of the show.

Make sure to check out the latest batch of La LOOP accessories on our website and let us know what you think!

Frame of the Week: Face a Face Smoking 1 Eyeglasses

Face a Face Bocca Rock 3 sunglasses

By now, you’ve heard all the hype about Face a Face Bocca sunglasses, the super-cool frames that were inspired by the Mae West Lips couch by Salvador Dali. The sexy stiletto heels on the tips of each arm (or leg, really) started out red, then was gradually made available in multiple colors, expansing to include several other styles in a capsule collection, like the above Rock 3! This frame is bold and extreme, with flame-like corners that give the illusion of speed.

But the ladies aren’t the only ones who get to have all of the fun around here – Face a Face has come out with a similar male frame featuring tuxedoed legs, white socks, and dress shoes, giving guys the opportunity to be just as playful with their designer eyewear and to turn some heads while they’re at it.

Face a Face Smoking 1 eyeglasses


Face a Face Bocca Smoking 1 eyeglasses look simple at first glance – square lenses, a flared brow, a structured silhouette, and a classic black color – however, they’re anything but. Although the original Bocca comes with a pair of voluptuous and feminine legs, Smoking 1 has black temples, with all of the excitement in the tip’s detail, where Richelieu shoes are an homage to the classic Smoking jacket by Yves Saint Laurent.

Now, we turn the conversation to you. Would you wear these funky Face a Face glasses? What else would you like to see from the French brand?

Recap: The CHANEL Private Fitting Event

There’s always one special event that everyone looks forward to, not only to get an exclusive look at a top designer’s latest collection, but to mark the beginning of yet another beautiful spring. Our annual CHANEL eyewear event signals the start of a fabulous new season, and as always, we had a wonderful time on the 13th checking out the brand’s latest colors, temple designs, and elegant silhouettes.

CHANEL 3234 c.714 eyeglassesThe most popular frame at the event was CHANEL CH3234 eyeglasses in color 714, tortoise, a classic rectangular design with a metallic CC logo inlaid into the temples. This style is also available in red and black. Styles like this one are always well-received, as the color and shape are quite flattering on most faces, and the thin acetate rims offer a sophisticated look without the overwhelming design that chunky geek-chic frames tend to have.

CHANEL 3255 eyeglassesAlso a big hit was the Camellia frame, style CH3255, which is new for spring/summer 2013. This square-shaped frame has a feminine touch with the pretty camellia that has become a signature of CHANEL’s eyewear line lately, with last season’s ad campaign centered around Linda Evangelista and her white flower. The 3255 is available in the above green, as well as blue, tortoise, brown, and black.

Last year’s spring lambskin leather temples maintained its popularity this season as well.

See photos from this year’s event below:

Eye Spy: Tara Savelo in Oliver Goldsmith Moosh Sunglasses

Tara Savelo may not be a household name, but her boss certainly is. She just happens to be the best friend and makeup artist of the one and only Lady Gaga, and the two seem to share an affinity for unique designer eyewear. As we’ve mentioned before, Gaga is a huge fan of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, and it seems her penchant for bold shades is rubbing off on Tara.

Oliver Goldsmith Moosh sunglasses

Seen wearing Oliver Goldsmith Moosh sunglasses, Tara looks absolutely fab pairing them with a fur coat and a red lip. The square lenses are surrounded by an acetate frame in Blue Opal, with two silver dot accents embellished each corner. You’ve heard us say it a thousand times, the frame’s extreme silhouette, geometric to stay in line with current trends of course, works with her oval face shape because of the balance – the center-set arms give the frame symmetry, and the large lenses don’t overwhelm either half of her face because they have the same proportions with their length and width.

A unique frame deserves an even better name. So where does Moosh come from? According to the Oliver Goldsmith website:

The Moosh is called so due to the design of the frame – its spells Moosh! The M starts from the right to left of the frame, the OO are the lenses, the S is taken from the top right hand corner, to the left bottom corner and the H is in the middle – and there you have it!

Moosh is also available in black and gold, black and silver, matte black claret, matte English summer, and wakame. If you would like to purchase this frame or would like more information, please call us at 866-411-9428 or email

Vizio Optic and Lafont in This Week’s Star

Star magazine with lafont sunglasses

We are so excited to share with you yet another feature in a national magazine with Lafont eyewear! In this week’s Star, the celebrity magazine’s fashion experts shared Lafont Hampton sunglasses in purple for one of its “6 Lucite Looks!” Transparent accessories are the style of the season!

Alongside Stuart Weitzman heels and Solange Knowles’ cool CC Skye lucite clutch, this standout accessory gives your outfit a stylish edge this spring. Especially since, like the clutch, Hampton has vibrant color, so when light shines through it, the purple is illuminated and bright.

Vizio Optic is thrilled to once again be listed as the choice retailer for Lafont sunglasses, we work hard to provide a wonderful service to you and are excited for the many more faces we can brighten up with a bold pair of high-end glasses.


Lafont Hampton sunglasses in star magazine with solange knowles

Lafont Hampton c.725 purple transparent lucite sunglasses

We’ve seen the clear hats in CHANEL’s latest eyewear campaign and have given you plenty of suggestions for cool transparent glasses – but springtime is more about color than anything, and we love that Hampton keeps up with the trends but adds its own little twist, making this frame one unique and fabulous item. Pair it with an all-white ensemble to let the color truly show, or complement the colors of a floral dress with this purple frame. How would you style these shades?

Press photos provided by Lafont.

Vizio Optic and Lafont Eyewear Featured in the Market Editor

We have some more exciting news for you! Vizio Optic was once again featured alongside Lafont eyewear, this time in The Market Editor, a blog about style by Charles Philippe. ME focused on Leo and Gatsby frames in celebration of the upcoming Baz Luhrmann adaptation of “The Great Gatsby,” starring none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Lafont sunglasses in The Market Editor

Photo: The Market Editor 

“I found it fitting to feature Lafont for their optical wears that pay homage to one of the greatest American classic novels as well as to one of the most memorable fictional characters of literature,” wrote Philippe.

Lafont Leo sunglasses, seen above, do have a vintage-inspired feel to them, with rounded lenses that sit inside a flared acetate frame, a keyhole bridge separating them in the center. It is available in the above red, tortoise, and green with shiny silver hinges. Just like the handsome actor, Leo goes to show that a good-looking accessory never goes out of style.

Lafont Gatsby eyeglasses

Lafont Gatsby eyeglasses are quite retro as well, with its circular silhouette that brings back the sophisticated styles of yore. A slightly arched bridge adds more curves, while two silver dot accents embellish the slim frame on each side. It is the perfect choice for those who have a minimalist sense of style. Gatsby is offered in the above gray and in classic dark brown.

Bridal Shower at Tiffany’s With Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

Breakfast at Tiffanys Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses

We have a special place in our hearts for Audrey Hepburn at Vizio Optic, for all of the obvious reasons that we share with everyone else in the world, and because she has inspired so many to wear such chic and fashionable designer eyewear! As you know, Oliver Goldsmith designed the iconic frames she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The Manhattan – and it has been a customer favorite for many years. And not just a favorite – for Kayla Klotz, they were the perfect accessory to complete her outfit for her very special Tiffany’s-themed bridal shower.

Bridal shower photos: Carey Shaw

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses come in dark tortoiseshell (as seen above, which is the original color worn by Hepburn), black, and caramel split. Get yours here.

Frame of the Week: Persol 3017S Sunglasses

Persol 3017s sunglasses

Who: Lee Rachel Jurman

Wear: Persol 3017S sunglasses in color 945/32

Persol 3017S sunglasses c.945/32

Why: These Persol sunglasses are so flattering on Lee Rachel! The flared tips bring width to the upper half of her face, while the rounded, teardrop-shaped lenses are a nice complement to her angular features, especially because they fit so well beneath her brows and aren’t overwhelmingly large.

This frame is light gray with very subtle detail in the plastic rim. Persol’s famous arrow motif is seen on the sides in silver, making these shades an instantly recognizable and luxurious accessory. Those two silver lines on each temple are the patented Meflecto hinge, a patented design that alleviates pressure on your head that the arms of sunglasses and glasses may cause. Persol shades aim to provide the utmost style and comfort.

And just wait til Lee Rachel heads outside! The translucent color of the 3017S will become illuminated in the sunlight, emphasizing the cool smokey tone of its frame. We also love how she went for a color that’s not always so typical of peoples’ designer sunglasses choice. Many view these frames like a classic handbag and go for black, brown, or tortoise shades – but this gray is a nice alternative that’s still neutral and quite timeless as well.

Get a pair of Persol 3017S sunglasses for yourself here.

Everything You Need to Know About Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Pit Bull sunglasses

When one brand is a top choice for athletes all over the world, you have to wonder what makes them so special. Oakley sunglasses are the number-one maker of high-end performance eyewear thanks to its numerous innovations over the years. A simple product description just isn’t enough to tell you all about what goes into producing a pair, so use this as your guide to picking out your next pair of Oakley shades.


Many Oakley sunglasses are made with O Matter (R), a lightweight, plastic material that is made specifically for strength and durability, with shock absorption and the ability to weather the elements making them perfect for outdoor sports. Metal frames are constructed with either titanium or C-5 alloy, both extremely lightweight materials that are equally as as strong. You may notice that the nosepieces and “ear socks” are made of what Oakley calls Unobtainium, named for the curious way in which the material used increases grip in the face of moisture, so the frames will stay on during a sweaty game of football, an exciting day water skiing, or any other situation that leads to wetness behind the ears.

Oakley Jawbone sunglasses


Oakley offers a variety of lens colors not just for aesthetics, but each shade serves its own purpose for varying weather conditions, sunlight levels, and activities. This is the main reason the brand developed Switchlock interchangeable lens technology, which allows wearers to change up their lenses easily and securely according to their visual needs. Each color provides optimal vision in the appropriate lighting conditions, while iridium coating reduces glare. Visit Oakley’s site for an easy-to-navigate list of each option and its ideal use.


The performance eyewear brand’s three-point fit is yet another reason Oakley is the top choice for athletes everywhere. This design provides the utmost stability so you can get physical without having to worry about where your designer sunglasses are going to fly. This precise fit also gives you the perfect optical alignment for more precise vision and extended peripheral view.

Any other questions? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer them!