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Central Park Inspires Robert Marc’s City Garden Collection

Robert Marc eyeglasses city garden collection

Nothing signifies the arrival of spring like blooming flowers and the buzz of nature. Paired with the buzz of the city, New York City’s Central Park features both, inspiring the new City Garden collection from Robert Marc Eyewear.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection takes cues from “the vast and sophisticated swathe of nature, in the heart of a busy metropolis, framed by soaring limestone buildings. The result is an unexpected synergy of concrete and nature, with a muted color palate randomly charged with brilliant shocks of color.”

“Central Park is one of the most exceptional urban gardens in the world,” says Robert Marc, “and what’s
astonishing is that while this magnificent expanse appears natural, it wasin fact entirely designed and
landscaped with a clear, creative vision.”

Using a blend of organic and man-made materials, the designer glasses collection mirrors what is contained within the great park, also using textured color layers as an interpretation of the colors in the city garden. The women’s collection is described as urbane yet romantic, with the vitality of spring in bloom, and will be available in Midnight, Turtle Pond, Honeycomb, Poppy, Blue Iris and Turquoise Pine shades.

The men’s collection is an interpretation of the juxtaposition between the park and its city surroundings, according to the designer, modeling the frames after architectural inspirations. Men’s colors include Matte Black, Tortoise (Matte and Shine), Smoketree, Vintage Tortoise (Matte and Shine), Matte Ashwood, Matte Mottled Tortoise, Gray Tortoise, Ash, Vintage Crystal and Clear Gray.

Photo: Eye Elegance

Introducing WOOW Eyewear

Woow eyewear

Positive energy is the only way to get through the day, and when you’ve got a case of the Mondays, it helps to find any little thing that makes you happy. Woow eyewear seeks to give you good vibes all day long with its collection of designer glasses that feature sayings on them like “Rock me” and “Well done” for a little motivation.

From the designers of Face a Face eyewear, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, the French masterminds have come up with another high-quality collection but with a lower price point at $294. We are proud to be the only store in Boston to carry this beautiful line of unique frames.

The “anti-crisis eyewear collection,” these Italian-made frames feature the friendly messages on the endtips inside hypoallergenic metal inserts, hidden to others but known to you, written in vintage-inspired typewriter font.

“WOOW is designed for everyone with a good sense of humor, ready to be coached by their frames,” says the designer’s website.

WOOW Come On eyeglasses

WOOW Come On eyeglasses

We fell in love with this collection at last weekend’s Vision Expo, and promptly ordered eight different styles: Come On 1, Come On 2, Come On 3, Never Mind 1, Rock Me 1, Wake Up 2, Wake Up 3, and Who’s Who 1 in every color. We especially love the beautiful gradient options. Be sure to explore the WOOW website to see the styles that will be available on shortly. We love the inspirational little messages that offer positive vibes through the day, and the best part? It’s your little secret.

What do you think? Which style is your favorite?

See the World in a New Light With Maui Jim Sunglasses

Forget rose-colored lenses, we have a much better way to see the world in all of its natural beauty. Maui Jim sunglasses are the perfect choice for the summer, with their special lens technology that makes the ocean waves and the bright blue sky as crisp and clear as can be, enhancing the scenery around you to let you truly appreciate your surroundings. Here, see for yourself!

Maui Jim sunglasses lens technology

Photo: Maui Jim Facebook page

Your view has never been so beautiful! “Welcome to Color,” says Maui Jim.

Using PolarizedPlus®2 lens technology, the lenses in these designer sunglasses reduce glare and offer you total protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, providing contrast as well to make colors stand out as brilliantly as they should.

There are many different lens options available, and each pair of shades from Maui Jim can be fitted with any style of lens you like. What are your treatment options?

  • Regular lenses – Basic, high-quality lenses.
  • Waterproof and oleophobic treatment – Repels water and helps reduce fingerprint smudges.
  • Anti-reflective treatment – Reduces glare to help avoid eye fatigue.
  • CLEARSHELL® scratch-resistant treatment – Adds durability.
  • PolarizedPlus®2 lenses – Protects from UV rays, blocks reflected light allowing you to see beneath the water’s surface, as seen above.
  • Bi-gradient mirror lenses – Mirror coating placed on the top and bottom of lenses do the “squinting” in the sun for you.
  • MauiGradient – Dark coating on the top of the lens that gradually allows light in towards the bottom.

Maui Jim sunglasses can be fitted with your prescription as well, so you’ll have the perfect pair of shades that are totally customized to your needs.

Feel free to explore our wide selection of styles from the Hawaiian brand over at and let us know which one’s your favorite!

NEW ARRIVALS: ic! berlin eyewear

From putting a modern twist on vintage looks to using the latest technology in the designer eyewear industry, we’re all about innovation, which is why we’ve expanded our collection of ic! berlin eyewear to include 12 new styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses, all of which are made with the unique screw-less hinge that makes the German brand a leader in today’s fashion.

ic berlin 2013 sunglasses

Both collections feature a spring-hinge design, which uses interlocking pieces to create a flexible and durable frame. Accidentally sit on them? Drop them on the ground? The arms are made to snap on and off, so any accidental harsh treatment that would otherwise break off of a screw hinge would simply snap it off, allowing you to snap it right back on for easy repairs.

ic berlin 2013 eyeglasses

Notice Black Hole, the frame we spotted on Catherine Zeta Jones last month in her film Side Effects. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this one, it’s been very popular at Vizio Optic! All frames are available in multiple colors. Edelweiss is a bit of a departure from ic! berlin’s normal collection because of its patterned arms, which provide a nice contrast to the solid black frame. Acetate styles like Black Hole, and Klavierspieler Klaus feature a titanium metal base that provides superb flexibility as mentioned above, with an acetate rim mounted on the front. The metal frame adds strength to these styles.

These styles will be available on in the near future. For more information on how to purchase ic! berlin glasses and sunglasses NOW, please email

Check Us Out in This Month’s InStyle Magazine!

Lafont Guimard eyeglasses

That’s right! In this month’s InStyle, April 2013’s “The Color Issue,” Vizio Optic is featured alongside Lafont Guimard eyeglasses, in a feature showing off the boldest styles of the season.

“Focus on Fab Frames” shows Guimard in color 725, a transparent purple that looks flattering on just about anyone.

Lafont Guimard eyeglasses

“Trade in your tortoiseshells for specs with some ‘tude,” writes the magazine. “Nerdy, whimsical round frames, cat’s-eyes, and retro rectangles are spring’s coolest shapes.” We think Guimard is the perfect style to fit in with this summer’s biggest trends. Round and bright, this style’s transparent plastic lets light shine through, so the purple color is truly illuminated and becomes the focus of your style.

Lafont Guimard glasses are also available in transparent crystal, solid black, transparent red, and brown.

Like the other frames that you see? Here are a few great alternatives from Vizio Optic:

Face a Face Roxan 2 eyeglasses

Face a Face Roxan 2 eyeglasses

CHANEL 3256 eyeglasses

CHANEL 3256 eyeglasses

Etnia Nymburg eyeglasses

Etnia Nymburg eyeglasses

For more information on the frames found in InStyle magazine, and for designer alternatives, feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at

The Most Elegant Event of the Year

CHANEL eyewear trunk show

Attention fashion lovers! Clear your schedules for April 13, a Saturday afternoon to be filled with wine, art, and CHANEL. What could be better than that?

From 11am to 4pm, our annual CHANEL eywear private fitting event will feature an exclusive showcase of the brand’s full 2013 designer eyewear and sunwear collection. Always the epitome of chic style, the brand has plenty of new and elegant frames that we just can’t wait for you to try on. We invite any and all who want an exclusive look into the way the designer blends art and fashion into its most elegant frames.

As always, you’ll get a chance to have a free consultation with a CHANEL representative or a member of the Vizio Optic team, and can join other eyewear lovers in the area to appreciate and enjoy the incredible designs of these fashionable frames.

Want to RSVP? Sign up for our newsletter to receive an event invite, or check back on our website soon for a detailed RSVP page. We hope to see you there!

Go Green This St. Paddy’s Day!

If you know us at all, you know the Vizio Optic team loves to celebrate any and every holiday that involves a color scheme! Pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day; red, white and blue for Independence Day; black and orange for Halloween. But this weekend we’ll be donning many shades of green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, and you can, too, with these special Ray Ban sunglasses that are perfect for your Sunday festivities.

Ray Ban Wayfarer RB4105 6021/19 FOLDING WAYFARER sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer RB4165 897/87 JUSTIN sunglasses
Ray Ban Clubmaster RB3016 1127 CLUBMASTER sunglasses

Ray Ban’s most iconic shades, Wayfarer sunglasses and Clubmaster sunglasses, are now available in green – perfect for you to either celebrate St. Paddy’s or get in on one of the year’s hottest colors! Go for the bold with the first Wayfarer, with a bright green front and black arms, or for an all-around colorful look in the second pair. The third, the Clubmaster, comes in Havana with green accents, for those who want to join in on the fun without going too far out of their comfort zone.

For more information how to purchase these frames, please call 866-411-9428 or email

What do you think? Will you be wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday?

Go Wild With Animal Print Glasses

Some Mondays, nothing goes right, and you’re left feeling a little bit crazy. One of the most important things to remember to get you through the week is to let loose a little bit, whether it’s something as simple as letting down your hair, or maybe showing off your wild side. No, we don’t mean dancing on your desk, we mean brightening up your day with a pair of animal print glasses, one of the best glasses trends this year!

Lafont Eyewear is the number one brand for animal print eyeglasses, celebrating leopard print in numerous different ways. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lafont animal print glasses

Lafont Celimene eyeglasses; Lafont Lisbonne sunglasses; Lafont Burlesque eyeglasses; Lafont Hampton sunglasses; Lafont Iris eyeglasses

Leopard print is a great way to indulge in your fun and creative sides, and it is the perfect accent piece for a neutral outfit. As you might notice, Lisbonne is the boldest one in the group. While classic leopard is a universally loved color scheme, why not switch it up a bit and go for a pink and purple design?

On top of all these great frames from the French brand, Lafont also makes the Concerto frames seen in the first photo. Doesn’t she look great? The pattern looks awesome complemented by her red lipstick, yet her look is not overwhelming thanks to minimal eye makeup and neutral clothing. It all comes down to one thing, like we always say, balance!

Eye Spy: Elton John in MYKITA Sunglasses

Beyond his musical talents and greatest hits, Sir Elton John has long been known as someone with crazy unique style. Although he may have left the sparkly jumpsuits in decades past, his designer eyewear has stood the test of time. Eyewear is usually the first thing you notice about a person, and Elton makes sure to make a bold statement. Recently, we caught him hanging out at the Richard Prince “Cowboys” opening reception in Los Angeles’ Gagosian Gallery with photographer Terry Richardson (who is also know for, among the few G-rated aspects of his life, his choice of eyewear), sporting a bold pair of MYKITA Phoebe glasses, seen on the brand’s Facebook page.

For the rest of us, Phoebe is a regular pair of MYKITA glasses, with clear lenses sitting in a round titanium rim. But in hus usual fashion, Elton customized his pair with some bright orange lenses, never one to be invisible in a crowd.

MYKITA Phoebe glasses

Perfectly circular rims are a big trend this season, and Phoebe makes this retro silhouette a modern marvel with its pretty mix of pink and gold, and , of course, its innovative screw-less hinges. Made with interlocking pieces that snap on and off for convenient repair, MYKITA has made using screws a thing of the past. Elton, always at the top of his fashion game, took it one step further with his customization, but for the less-famous folks who can’t exactly wear neon lenses to work, Phoebe is still a great choice. It is also available with pale blue or black rims with silver accents.

Visit our website to explore our vast selection of MYKITA glasses. As with all of our brands, we have access to their full collections of eyewear and sunwear. For more information on how to purchase Phoebe, which is not available online, please email


MYKITA: The Eyewear Seen Around the World

If you’ve been following along, you know just how popular MYKITA eyewear is around the world. It’s been a few months since we last highlighted all of the global publications that featured the German brand, and the press hasn’t stopped since. Check out some photos from Austria, Japan, Poland, and the UK.

MYKITA Janis sunglasses on the cover of Indie Austria magazine

As noted last week, MYKITA Janis sunglasses are a hot accessory. Indie magazine featured these retro round frames with fiery lenses on the cover of its October 2012 issue, looking pretty awesome with the model’s bright yellow hair.

MYKITA Bibi eyeglasses

In December 2012, Vogue Hommes Japan did a spread with vintage-inspired MYKITA Bibi glasses. Right on trend with the round silhouette, Bibi has opal rims that stand out and are complemented by gold accents on the bridge, hinges, and arms. Despite its funky look, this photo proves it can work with a classic wardrobe.

MYKITA Bent eyeglasses

In Elle Poland, the model wears MYKITA Bent eyeglasses from the Lite collection, which means the frame consists of only three pieces. That’s right, three! No screws, just two arms and a front rim connected via the patented interlocking hinge. The bold aviator silhouette works on her because it’s done with a light-as-air gold frame.

MYKITA Blake sunglasses

Another standout photoshoot is for Harper’s Bazaar UKin which the model wears MYKITA Blake sunglasses, proving that this masculine frame can look just as sexy on a woman. Though it has strong angles, it is ultimately a great unisex frame thanks to its unique style.

Press photos provided by MYKITA.