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Focus On: Robert Marc Eyewear

In the world of designer eyewear, the name that comes to mind time and time again is Robert Marc eyewear. Robert Marc’s years of expertise and design knowledge led him to create one of the world’s finest brands. Robert Marc’s designs can be found on every one from high profile celebrities to people who just know what they want and where to find it.
Robert Marc Sunglasses
As an optician in a upscale Manhattan eyewear boutique he learned the importance of how the angle or a curve on a frame could enhance the look of a face. He took this knowledge and created his own line of designer eyewear by use of hand crafted technique. Robert Marc opened his first eyewear boutique over 20 years ago and it did not take long for him to establish himself as a forerunner in the industry. Since the very beginning he has bolstered his reputation with consistent designs, attention to detail, and uncompromising service. It has always been his desire to provide each customer with the perfect frame that looked like it was designed especially for them. The Robert Marc signature collection was introduced in 1999 and it was the beginning of eyewear’s rise from necessity to personal statement.
Robert Marc Eyeglasses
Each pair of eyewear Robert Marc creates carries his signature hinge that matches the elegance of each frame while adding superb quality to his craftsmanship. The vast array of colors and styles in both optical as well as sunwear will give even the quirkiest or most serious of buyers something they can feel confident wearing. The unmistakable design and character of Robert Marc frames comes in part from his distinctive technique of layering contrasting colors and patterns which brings forth a uniqueness and sophistication not found in other designer eyewear. The frames themselves are always constructed of the highest quality materials, such as Titanium or an Italian Acetate known as Zyl. From time to time special collections will be created in small quantities, and such exclusive offerings are crafted with special materials that convey rarity and sumptuousness.

With nine boutiques in the New York and Boston area, desire for this impeccable frame is obvious, but the point of acquisition doesn’t stop there, they can also be found at exclusive dealers in many areas of the world including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The Robert Marc Collection of eyewear is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, quality, and unrivaled design.

To explore the full collection, join us this weekend for our private fitting event featuring Robert Marc eyewear. We will be showcasing his entire line and offering free consultations, as well as the chance to win a free frame of your choice. Please RSVP here – we look forward to seeing you on December 1 from 11-4!

Introducing the LINDBERG N.O.W. Collection

LINDBERG eyewear is known for its innovations in the industry, winning awards every year for new advancements in eyewear technology. Just when we thought they couldn’t get any more futuristic, the Danish brand has introduced a brand new line unlike anything we’ve seen before – the LINDBERG N.O.W. collection!

As you can see above, this collection will feature a range of acetate-front designer glasses paired with metal temples. Sure, it doesn’t sound like a major innovation – not until you look a little deeper. Keeping in line with its ultra lightweight designs, these frames weight only 2.3 grams so you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all and the front rim is composed of hypoallergenic composite material that measures only 2mm thin. The nose pads also come in five different multi-adjustable, ergonomic designs for the ultimate comfort as well.

LINDBERG N.O.W. glasses

While high-tech nano coating helps keep your LINDBERG N.O.W. glasses free of scratches, the titanium arms provide extra strength and flexibility for a super durable frame. And, as always, the glasses are made with a screw-less hinge so you never have to worry about requiring adjustments.

The front rims will come in the first photo’s transparent style (a look you know we love!), as well as 15 other transparent and gradient colors that are hand-polished for a flawless finish.

The LINDBERG N.O.W. collection will be available soon, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know the release date!

What do you think? Would you wear a pair of LINDBERG glasses from the N.O.W. collection?

Photo: Specs Optical Facebook page

NEW ARRIVALS: Maui Jim sunglasses

The cold winds of November have us wishing for a warm weather vacation, and who better to add to that fantasy than Maui Jim? Let the Hawaiian brand take you on a tropical daydream with the new selection available at! Here are a few of our favorites that will keep you protected in the winter sunlight and have you looking casual and stylish all season long.

Maui Jim Kamuela sunglasses

Maui Jim Kamuela sunglasses have a sporty rectangular silhouette with a flat-top front rim, with wide arms that boast a cool marbled pattern in brushed black gunmetal. The Maui Jim signature logo is etched into the upper corner of the right lens in silver, while the same logo embellishes the temples on each side.

Maui Jim Puamana sunglasses

Maui Jim Puamana sunglasses are a cool, casual style with HCL bronze lenses, surrounded by a thin brushed bronze frame with a rectangular silhouette. A single bridge sits on top of adjustable nose pads, and matching bronze arms feature a cutout detail before being capped with plastic at the tips.

Maui Jim Cliff House sunglasses

Maui Jim Cliff House sunglasses are a classic aviator frame. Its thin gloss black rim surrounds teardrop-shaped lenses, offering the ultimate protection with Maui HT lenses – High Transmission lenses that provide the most clarity in early morning, late afternoon, and foggy lighting conditions.

Maui Jim Ginger sunglasses

Maui Jim Ginger sunglasses are of the  more feminine frames in the Hawaiian brand’s collection, with a beautiful mauve frame that surrounds oversized Maui Rose lenses. The subtle rosy tint offers full sun protection and is accented by a gold etched logo in the corner. The logo is also etched into the mauve temples.

Are transition lenses right for you?

transition lensesPhoto: Flickr

Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses are an important winter accessory. Designer shades not only make you look stylish but they also offer year-round protection that keeps you chic and healthy through the seasons. You always have the option of getting prescription sunglasses, but for those who prefer one pair of designer eyeglasses for all occasions, transition lenses may be for you.

Also known as photochromic lenses, transition lenses change color when exposed to the sun. They are regular eyeglass lenses, but with a polymer film that darkens in the sun to give you a protective tint. This does not happen in just any light, so you don’t have to worry about your lenses becoming tinted indoors. The transition only takes place when the film comes into contact with the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

For the full transition to take effect, wearers should expect their lenses to reach full protective potential within 15 minutes. The tint automatically occurs when you step outside, and automatically reverts to clear once you go back indoors.

Transition eyeglass lenses are great for those who don’t spend a whole lot of time outside, offering protection for the times when you’re traveling or just heading outdoors for a little while. You essentially get a two-for-one pair of glasses, saving you money on having to buy multiple frames. If you work outside or enjoy outdoor activities, a pair of polarized sunglasses would be a better and more protective option for you.

Remember, transition lenses can be fitted into just about any frame, so don’t hesitate to ask your local optician if this option is right for you!


Celebrate the Holidays With Vizio Optic!

Holiday microfiber cloth

“The Gift of Giving” microfiber cloth

To give our thanks this holiday season, Black Friday begins a special few weeks of exciting promotions for you to enjoy, and you don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn to enjoy them either! After you’ve overcome your food coma on Thursday and spent some time with the family, log on to to get a special gift with your purchase! We have three promotions for our online and in-store customers:

Online and In-Store:

Beginning Friday, November 23
All customers online and in-store who purchase a pair of non-prescription designer sunglasses will receive a $50 gift card to use on a future purchase or to give as a gift!*

In-Store Customers Only:

Also beginning on November 23
Purchase a prescription package (includes a designer eyeglasses frame and prescription lenses), you receive a $100 gift card for a future purchase or to give as a gift!*

For only $50, you can purchase a $100 voucher to Vizio Optic! **

Last, but certainly not least, we are proud to announce that this holiday season we will be donating a portion of sales to the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Sandy! Your generous purchase will help us contribute to a cause dear our hearts!

*One gift card offered per qualifying transaction.
** One voucher offered per qualifying transaction. Both frame and lenses purchase required. Cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer or applied to previous purchases. Excludes readers or non-prescription sunglasses. Certain brands excluded, including Maui Jim. Some restrictions may apply. Savings applied to lenses. See store associate for details. Voucher expires 12/31/13.

Designer Glasses Let You Make Your Marc

Robert Marc eyeglasses

The term visionary is applied to so many people and things in the modern age that the meaning of the word can feel diluted, but eyewear designer Robert Marc returns full impact back to the word. What is special about Robert Marc eyewear is that there are no gimmicks and no attempts to conform to fleeting trends. Rather, it is the subtle details that give Marc’s eyewear designs their tremendous flair – he understands that the delicate curve of a frame or the look of a hinge can alter not only how a pair of glasses or sunglasses frames a face, but also how they ultimately fit.

Cited as America’s greatest optical designer, Marc opened his first shop more than twenty years ago, and that shop is often credited with being one of the first ever high-end eyewear boutiques to treat eyeglasses and sunglasses as a true fashion accessory. And it was precisely Marc’s experience working as an optician along with his experience designing eyewear for other opulent glasses and sunglasses designers that made him an almost instant success when he launched his own critically-acclaimed premier collection of luxury eyewear in 1999.

All Robert Marc eyeglasses and sunglasses are handcrafted and branded with Marc’s unique proprietary hinge that has an amazingly elegant silhouette but sacrifices nothing in the way of quality. From slim, sophisticated Japanese titanium frames to playful frames crafted from Italian acetate, from rimless styles to cat’s eye frames, there is something for everyone in Marc’s catalog of designs, whether you’re a petit woman or a broad man. Robert Marc eyeglasses and sunglasses are also unique in that there are frames designed to fit both round and angular faces equally well. Each pair of Marc’s eyeglasses and sunglasses features the aforementioned hinge, which shuns the standard metal pin in favor of a unique buckle-like element that looks amazing and is incredibly strong.

In 2001, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) selected Robert Marc as a member, and his eyewear can be seen on celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Matt Damon. Even more notably, celebrities often choose Robert Marc eyewear for red carpet events and award shows. Marc himself has enjoyed his share of the limelight, appearing regularly on CNN, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and Extra.

Today, there are nine Robert Marc boutiques located in New York City and Boston. Robert Marc eyeglasses can be found at exclusive shops throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and of course, at Vizio Optic.

Transparent Glasses Do the Opposite of Blending In!

Are you looking for great retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel? It was actually Geoffrey Zakarian of Food Network fame who reminded us how amazing glasses with clear frames can be. Clear glasses offer great visibility paired with the comfort of a sturdy plastic body for eyeglasses wearers who aren’t in the market for a rimless style, but want their own features to get noticed first.

Transparent frames look great on almost everyone, but they reach their full potential on those with smaller features, blondes, and anyone who can wear retro glasses well. The only thing we’d caution is that people with pale complexions might want to try on clear glasses frames before buying because the lack of color can make very light skin look washed out.

Some of our favorite transparent glasses frames are:

Beausoleil 012-500 Eyeglasses

These lightweight transparent frames from Beausoleil, which are definitely hip and fun.

Lafont Theoreme glasses

The Lafont Theoreme glasses in color 001 from their Reedition collection, which is great for anyone who wants eyewear that looks and feels like mint condition vintage glasses.

Face a Face Allen glasses

And Face a Face Allen frames, which are transparent – but with a hint of yellow – and have a classic intellectual sophistication.

Aren’t they great? We’re not surprised that we’ve had a lot of customers asking for glasses with clear frames recently. We anticipate that transparent glasses frames are going to be one of the new must-have retro glasses frames this season.

Have you tried on a pair of glasses with clear frames? What did you think?

Focus On: CHANEL 5186 Sunglasses

You might not be a movie star, but you can look like one in one of 2012’s hottest styles. CHANEL sunglasses are always in fashion, and this year is no different. Every woman should own a few classic pieces to add versatility to their wardrobe, pieces that will last and that will still be as the seasons go on, and that is just what CHANEL does for you.

One of the trendiest frames this year is CHANEL 5186 sunglasses. These beautiful shades can be worn anywhere, making a woman feel fabulous at the beach or all day in the city. The 5186 is both sweet and bold, with an acetate frame that boasts either tone-on-tone or bi-color camellias along the arms that add a delicate accent.

CHANEL 5186 C.714/3B Sunglasses
Not only are the CHANEL 5186 sunglasses beautiful, they are good for your eyes. Rays from the sun can damage the eyes, and sunglasses with UV resistant lenses can help protect and keep them healthy.
CHANEL 5186 C.501/3F Sunglasses
CHANEL sunglasses are one of the most sought-after and desirable eyewear today. They can be sophisticated or flirty, trendy or vintage, depending on whatever mood you’re in at the moment. So wear them, and feel beautiful.

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Sunglasses

No matter which man in your life you’re shopping for, Vizio Optic has a style for your every need! Designer sunglasses are always a great choice – they’re stylish, they’re versatile, and they are a year-round necessity. Here are our top picks for men’s sunglasses that’ll make your dad, husband, brother, son, or best friend feel cool and on trend:

For your dad:

Mosley Tribes Aviatrix G Polarized sunglasses

Whether your father cares about fashion or not, Mosley Tribes Aviatrix sunglasses are a cool and classic style. The aviator is a timeless design, with the rectangular shape harkening back to the Sixties – think Don Draper of Mad Men. The Aviatrix comes in gold with polarized lenses for extra protection in the sun.

For your husband:

LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses

Your husband will look stylish and sexy in a pair of LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses, a silver aviator made with the latest innovations in the eyewear industry. The titanium frame is ultra lightweight, and its screw-less design makes it a strong, low-maintenance accessory. Polarized teardrop-shaped lenses keep him protected against the sun.

For your brother:

Maui Jim Ho'okipa sunglasses

If your brother’s a sporty guy, or someone who just enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors, he’ll love Maui Jim Ho’okipa sunglasses. The semi-rimless frame features neutral gray lenses and a small black rim, with a rectangular shape that keeps the look casual.

For your son:

Oliver Goldsmith MINI Glyn sunglasses

Oliver Goldsmith MINI Glyn sunglasses in Sailor Boy protect your sun from harmful ultraviolet rays in the prime of his eyes’ development, and keeps him looking pretty trendy as well. The vintage inspired frame for kids features a chunky plastic aviator shape with a trapezoidal double bridge in blue, attached to white arms accented with red stripes and silver dots.

For your best friend:

Persol 0649 sunglasses

Do you want to get on your best friend’s REALLY good side? Give him a pair of Persol 0649 sunglasses, loved by the hottest Hollywood stars like Jay-Z and Zac Efron. Teardrop shaped lenses come in brown, surrounded by Havana plastic with a keyhole bridge and the brand’s signature arrow motif on the hinges.

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies Sunglasses

Most people don’t know this, but even in the cool weather of winter, you still need to protect your eyes! Fresh snow can reflect the sun more strongly than you think, thus the holiday season is the perfect time to give your loved ones the gift of safety AND style! Here are our picks for designer sunglasses your mom, wife, sister, daughter, and best friend will love!

For your mom:

Face a Face Divas 3 sunglasses

Face a Face Divas 3 sunglasses help her look fashionable and fun, with a curvy rectangular silhouette in purple that flatters and gives her youthful flair. She’ll also stand out among the rest with the complementary white arms, embellished with the brand’s signature silver dot on each temple.

For your wife:

Beausoleil S753 sunglasses

Beausoleil S753 sunglasses are elegant and chic, letting your lady feel glamorous like a Tinseltown starlet. This semi-rimless style in tortoise would be ordinary, but its silver accent along the brow-line takes it up a fabulous notch and gives it that extra shine that will make her beautiful.

For your sister:

MYKITA Ornella sunglasses

Everyone wants to be the most fashionable family member, and with your discerning tastes, you and your sister can be the dream team of kindred style. MYKITA Ornella sunglasses are oversized and totally retro, with its large round frame that demands attention. The tortoise pattern and gradient brown lenses keep the rest of the look classic, beautifully pairing a bold fashion statement with a little subtlety.

For your daughter:

Ray Ban Junior Wayfarer sunglasses

Kids sunglasses are all about protection, but you might as well give her some style guidance, too! Ray Ban 9035s Junior Wayfarer sunglasses introduce her to a whole new world of cool, with its iconic style and bold color that will have her being the envy of the neighborhood.

For your best friend:

Oliver Goldsmith Lord sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Oliver Goldsmith Lord sunglasses. A classic brand worn by the Hollywood elite in decades of yore, this style has a vintage-inspired look from the Sixties. It is in the Icons collection for good reason! This style has been popular ever since its debut, with a rectangular shape accented by flared corners and a two-toned Caramel Split design. Two silver dots accent the front corners and temples.