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Eyewear Style Icons: James Dean in Tart Arnel Glasses

Trendsetters come and go but a select few go on to become fashion icons, inspiring millions of people to replicate their style for many years to come. From Old Hollywood, we know these icons as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and of course, James Dean. The epitome of cool, Dean was known for his acting chops, his good looks, and his great style.

Accessories typically aren’t in a man’s essential wardrobe, but many still want to have the same sex appeal that Dean had, much of it having to do with his fashion choices. The designer glasses he wore are iconic and have lead to hundreds of great frames inspired by his own. The originals, seen in this photo, are from Tart Optical. Known as “Arnel,” these frames helped Dean project an effortlessly handsome look. Not that he needed much help!

Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses

The design can be found in numerous famous lines, in iterations like the above Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses. This style is just about as close you can get to the Tart Arnel, with the same silhouette that features rectangular lenses, flared corners, a dark-colored frame, and two silver accents on each side. This is the optical version of Ray Ban’s most popular style, for those who want to keep their retro style in or out of the sun.

Beausoleil 277 eyeglasses

A similar, and even simpler, style is a pair of Beausoleil 277 eyeglasses. A bit smaller than the Ray Bans, this frame is thin all around, accented by the brand’s logo design on each temple in silver.

Studio FB W01 eyeglasses

For the vintage-inspired piece with a modern twist, Studio FB W01 eyeglasses are the perfect choice. They have the James Dean silhouette with an earthier finish, made with a blend of wood and acetate that gives the frame a matte, organic look. Featuring the rectangular lenses with flared rims, the W01 also boasts a keyhole bridge that is evocative of the trends of earlier days.

Whether for his films or his fashion, James Dean will always be an icon to us. Who are your eyewear style icons?

What Do Your Eyeglasses Say About You?

Have you ever met someone who was actually quite attractive and intelligent but ended up looking dowdy or awkward because their glasses were just wrong for them?

It’s not hard to find a pair of designer glasses that look great, but it’s also easy to forget that our glasses can impact how others perceive us. In other words, your glasses shouldn’t just look great – they should also match your face, fit your image, and maybe even say something special about who you are.

Lafont Darling eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can enhance or detract from your personality, depending on the style. Because the face is the first thing people look at, an accessory like glasses will say so much more about you than your shoes or most other accessories.They are just very visible and everyone looks at your face when they greet you or speak with you so you can’t avoid them noticing your glasses.

Just any pair of designer glasses that look great on our shelves may turn necessarily be a match for your face and may just not be exactly the style that you’re looking for. And the pair you overlooked? Those frames might just be you.

Lafont Denise eyeglasses

So before you shop, think about what personality traits you want your glasses to bring out. Do you consider yourself to be a fun and high-fashion personand you want the world to know that? Or are you looking for a conservative executive with a calculated image? Would you rather be seen as sophisticated or stylish, or both? Youthful or conservative? Retro and vintage or modern style? It’s up to you because there are glasses for every personality type.

Need some examples?

J.F. Rey Celui eyeglasses

For the creative type,  we think J.F. Rey Celui glasses are the ultimate in imaginative free expression.

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 eyeglasses

To project that CEO image, nothing beats Lindberg Spirit Titanium rimless frames. Simple, yet sophisticated.

MYKITA David eyeglasses

MYKITA David eyeglasses, on the other hand, are the perfect frames for anyone who wants to project a no-nonsense image while also showing the world that they appreciate the finer things in life.

The statement-making doesn’t end there, though. There are designer eyeglasses that are perfect for parents, eyewear designed just for the student, frames for the fashion lover, and more. We love the versatility of our brands’ collections – no matter who you are or what you do, there are glasses that can help you professionally, describe your personality, coordinate with your clothes, and help you share yourself with the world.

When you buy glasses, do you choose frames that emphasize who you really are or frames that show who you want to be? Or just have several eyeglass frames and then choose one of them depending what you feel like that day.

Go Retro With the Lafont Reedition Collection

Lafont Reedition Eyewear

We’re excited to carry a special collection of frames from the Lafont Reedition Eyewear collection. This special line brings back the frame styles that made Lafont a Parisian landmark in the ’70s and ’80s, with vintage and retro eyewear looks in updated colors and the modern tech that makes Lafont glasses and sunglasses so awesome to wear. Five acetate and nine metal frames represent reinterpretations of classic shapes in neo-retro colors like tortoise, burgundy, black, and indigo.

Lafont Celimene eyeglasses

Lafont Reedition is the line to check out if you’ve been searching for a round, oval, cat’s eye, or octagonal frame that will make you look classically prep. Our favorite Lafont Reedition designs have to be the sexy Lafont Celimene and the nerd-cool Lafont Alibaba eyeglasses.

We can’t get enough of them, so of course we have to ask: Which Lafont Reedition frames do you like?

How Do You Make the Best Glasses in the World Better?

Let’s say you’ve designed one of the best screw-less hinges in the world and you have two amazing designer glasses collections under your belt – where do you go from there? If you’re MYKITA, you take your amazing award-winning design and you shrink and simplify it. You might think that MYKITA eyeglasses couldn’t possibly get any better after their No. 1 and No. 2 collections, but you’d only think that until you saw the MYKITA Lite Collection!

The MYKITA Lite Collection takes an already beautiful hinge and makes it even better with a minimalist, three-piece design that never needs tightening and is extremely adjustable. We’d love to know how they manage to introduce so much style into such a simple and unassuming package. Seriously, these designer frames are extremely lightweight so you feel like you’re not wearing glasses at all, but they still look out of this world.

MYKITA Finn eyeglasses

Check out MYKITA Finn eyeglasses, with their elegant shape paired with low-key cutout accents that add a touch of distinctive MYKITA design.

MYKITA Bjorn eyeglasses

And we also love MYKITA Bjorn glasses for their classic silhouette and slick professional style.

Twelve more ultra-slim styles, including Boss, Britt, Frida, and Lasse, make up the MYKITA Lite Collection, which comes in a great selection of bold colors that range from blackberry and graphite to silver and gold. If you’re devotee of lightweight frames, we can’t recommend the MYKITA Lite Collection more highly. But don’t take our word for it. Have you checked out this collection? What did you think?

Second Time’s A Charm: MYKITA’s No. 2 Sun Collection

When designers Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans, and Moritz Krueger debuted MYKITA’s first designer glasses collection in 2004, there were some people in the industry who thought it couldn’t get any better than their Collection No. 1 Sun. We’re happy to say we knew they were wrong! When the MYKITA No.2 Sun Collection premiered a few years later, we had a lot of fun saying, “I told you so,” when the brand came out with beautiful acetate sunglasses featuring a whole new hinge concept.

The MYKITA No.2 Sun Collection is just a lot of fun, with its six bold styles and its range of absolutely incredible colors. These are designer sunglasses that don’t bow down to trends – the German brand really nailed it with its second collection of classical shades that will still be hot years or even decades from now. Want to see two of our favorite styles from the Mykita No.2 Sun Collection?

MYKITA Marc sunglasses

MYKITA Marc sunglasses are sure to get you noticed with its bold celeb styling and awesome sun protection. It features a structured plastic frame in Cuba (dark tortoise), with dark lenses for the ultimate protection against the sun.

MYKITA Emanuelle sunglasses
And at the other end of the spectrum, you have MYKITA Emanuelle sunglasses, oversized and elegant shades with a totally timeless look. You’ll be the most glamorous person around no matter where you go.

All of the sunglasses in the MYKITA No.2 Sun Collection come with either gradient, solid, or polarized lenses in various colors – a feature we think makes these shades even cooler. But that’s just our opinion. How do you feel about colored lenses in sunglasses? Is it a lasting trend or one destined to get stale?

Achieve Elegance and Style with Lafont Eyewear from Paris

Lafont is a designer eyewear brand known worldwide for elegant details, incomparable use of shapes and colors, and superb craftsmanship. Lafont eyewear is the premier designer of glasses and sunglasses that blend luxury and high-tech innovation with a playful sensibility. More than just specs, Lafont provides an accessory akin to fine jewelry and designer handbags that can be coordinated with the day’s ensemble or serve as a fashion showpiece.

Lafont Audace eyeglassesA family-owned business, Lafont eyewear can trace its origins back almost 90 years to 1923, when patriarch Louis Lafont opened an optical shop in Paris. Husband-and-wife team Phillipe and Laurence Lafont carried on the company’s tradition of offering the world superb eyewear when they created the Lafont brand in 1972. It was Phillipe who suggested that Laurence design a few frames for the boutique, and her first small collection sold so well that in 1979, the couple devoted themselves full time to eyewear design.

Since then, son Thomas Lafont has joined the design team and released his own collections under the Lafont umbrella. And Lafont has continued to lead the pack in designer eyewear fashion, creating the trends instead of following them with original and smart lines of women’s, men’s, and children’s glasses and sunglasses that represent a true diversity of styles.

It is precisely that talent for range that has made Lafont one of the most celebrated eyewear brands in the fashion accessory industry. A pair of Lafont eyeglasses or sunglasses brings the eyes to life, framing them with impulsive colors, architectural construction, and surprising features like cutouts, flares at the brow, or clever inlays. This is where a lust for leopard prints, crystals, and even coral appears. And yet, as lightheartedand mischievous as Lafont frames can be, they are also an homage to long-established eyewear styles like the cat-eye silhouette and the half-rim frames of yesteryear.

Lafont Borgia eyeglasses

All Lafont eyewear is designed and manufactured in Paris using the highest quality materials (like rich acetates and pure metals) and the latest technological advancements, so a pair of the brand’s eyeglasses or sunglasses is guaranteed to be a lasting part of one’s wardrobe. Perhaps that is one piece of the magic of Lafont? Whether flashy or traditional, glasses and sunglasses by Lafont are rich, vibrant, warm, and utterly brilliant.

Today, Lafont eyewear is sold only in select authorized optical shops throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, including Vizio Optic in Brookline, MA. We hope you like Lafont as much as we do – it has several amazing collections, both elegant and fashionable for all ages.

How MYKITA Became Even More Flexible

They say don’t mess with success, but we’re glad MYKITA did! After the fantastic reception the brand received for their No. 1 and Eye and Sun collections, you’d think their designers would have taken a break to enjoy their accomplishments. But no, two years after their Silmo debut, MYKITA was back with their gorgeous Mykita No.2 Collection.

Instead of precision-cut, surgical-grade stainless steel, the MYKITA No.2 Collection features designer eyeglasses in full-bodied cellulose acetate in translucent colors, which were inspired by precious gems and classic colors like tortoiseshell. What didn’t change was the brand’s penchant for technological innovation. We think it’s amazing – to work their patented screw-less hinge into these glasses, MYKITA had to design an entirely new way of bonding the flexible hinge to the acetate frame!

And how can you not love the result?

MYKITA Helmut eyeglasses
MYKITA Helmut eyeglasses in tortoiseshell are a classically conservative frame with refined good looks – perfect if you love all things traditional. It features a beautiful glossy plastic frame with a keyhole bridge and rounded lenses, as well as straight arms attached to the front with the special hinge made of interlocking pieces.

MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses

And MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses in amethyst are one of the funkier frames in the No.2 Collection, with a Buddy-Holly-yet-feminine feel that makes an immediate impression. Remember, purple is one of the hottest colors this season!

Twelve more prescription styles round out the MYKITA No.2 Collection, which ranges from bold styles in fashionable colors to subdued and sophisticated choices, and we adore them all. It’s not often we can say that!

We’d love to know which frames from this designer collection you love best – are you more of a Helmut or a Barbara?

Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

Fashion etiquette has long dictated that white is never to be worn after Labor Day – but rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? This fall, don a pair of white-hot designer eyeglasses to stand out among the ubiquitous dark apparel of the cooler months. Brands like Face a Face and J.F. Rey’s Boz have plenty of options for you to choose from to stay chic and stylish throughout the season.

Face a Face Swann 1 eyeglasses

Face a Face Swann 1 c. 031 eyeglasses are a great pair of specs. They feature a rectangular silhouette that is quite a classic, but with a bright white twist. The front of the frame has a gradient effect, running from white along the top to clear on the bottom half of the lenses. This plastic style is accented with silver in each corner and on the hinges, with white arms that extend to the ear with a cool, unique curved design.

J.F. Rey Boz News eyeglasses

If you want a little pop of color in your white frame, Boz News eyeglasses by J.F. Rey are an excellent choice. This style features oval lenses with a straight-top silhouette, accented with a thin line of purple along the top. White glasses will make you a standout fashionista, but the subtle bit of color adds a chic edge to the frame that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Face a Face Agape 2 eyeglasses

For those who don’t want to go completely white, Face a Face Agape 2 eyeglasses can help you ease into the look. The thick glossy frame features rectangular rims with a straight-top bridge, complemented by thin gold arms that are capped with tortoise patterned plastic for a comfortable fit over the ears. Agape 2 is an interesting style with the contrast between slenderness and solidity in its design.

The Most Lightweight Event of the Season – The LINDBERG Trunk Show

LINDBERG 1126 eyeglasses

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know how much we love LINDBERG eyewear at Vizio Optic – and with good reason. The brand hails from Denmark, where trained craftsmen carefully handmake your designer glasses with the latest technology and the finest materials. Its dedication to providing such high-quality products has earned LINDBERG the Danish Royal Warrant of Appointment, furnishing goods to the royal family, among numerous other prestigious design awards.

We can explain how great the brand is all day long, but you’ll get a better idea of just how amazing its collections truly are at our LINDBERG Trunk Show on October 20. We will be showcasing the full lineup of 2012 eyewear, including its famous rimless collection that we are pretty much obsessed with!

LINDBERG 2153 eyeglasses

The rimless collection is extremely lightweight, coming in on the scale at an average of 1.9 grams – light as a feather and extremely comfortable! There are also limitless combinations of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from, as LINDBERG allows you to be the designer and personalize the frame for yourself. Because the lenses do not have to fit into a frame, you can essentially choose a shape as large or small as you’d like.

LINDBERG Acetanium Oval eyeglasses

LINDBERG kids glasses will be on display as well, featuring the award-winning Acetanium Teen collection. The feather-light weight of these frames are great for kids because it makes them less distracting, which is especially important for those who are new to wearing glasses. The titanium material that they are constructed with is also convenient for young ones because of its strength and durability, reassuring parents that the frames will stay intact in the face of accidental harsh treatment.

At our LINDBERG Trunk Show, you can spend a nice Saturday afternoon with the Vizio Optic team, learning more about the brand from its knowledgable representative and finding the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses for you. As always, customers will receive $100 off prescription lenses with a frame purchase.

To RSVP, please join our mailing list and be on the look out for an email from us! We are located at 11 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA, and look forward to seeing you there!