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The Hottest Vintage Style in Men’s Eyewear Fashion

Each season, we have another retro “it” look to love – and this fall it’s the brow-line silhouette. This style of designer glasses has peppered vintage-inspired fashion for quite some time, but it has been showing up everywhere lately in the news and on TV, spanning the decades from the 1960s (Zachary Quinto in American Horror Story: Asylum) to today (The League‘s Nick Kroll).

Recently, The New York Times’ T Style Magazine highlighted this frame type in its annual Men’s Fall Fashion issue. Here’s what contributor Alex Tudela had to say:

Like so many trappings of midcentury maniliness, brow line eyeglasses – the kind favored by Malcolm X – have landed in the hipster bargain bin. Leave it to Tom Ford to rescue them with [his] exquisite version made of gold-plated metal and water buffalo horn, the way they used to be in the 1960s. (The horn componenet even comes with a certificate of authenticity, along with a special cleansing cream.) The only thing that’s not midcentury about these limited-edition frames is the $2,950 price tag.

Yikes! While these Tom Ford eyeglasses are stunning, not everyone can afford such a high-priced item. At Vizio Optic, we have plenty of similar styles that are more budget-friendly and feature the same high quality you expect from well-known luxury brands. Here are some of our favorites:

MYKITA Ernest eyeglassesMYKITA Ernest eyeglasses

Lafont Constance eyeglassesLafont Constance eyeglasses – a more feminine option.

Ray Ban Clubmaster RB5154 eyeglasses

Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB5154 eyeglasses – These can be purchased by calling 866-411-9428 or emailing

Look Younger! Just One of the Benefits of Progressive Lenses

So you want to buy a new pair of designer glasses, but when it comes time to choose the lenses, do you have any idea what you need? Vizio Optic offers a number of different choices for your brand new frames, but it’s important to understand what your options are before you make a selection.

When purchasing lenses, whether at or in our store, you’ll need to know which prescription type you have. Along with simple reading glass lenses, we give you the choice of single-vision lenses (which you choose if you experience either nearsightedness or farsightedness), bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses.

bifocal lensesPhoto: Flickr

Bifocals are necessary for when you experience both near- and farsightedness. The lenses offer two different focuses that help correct these issues and give you precise vision. Because bifocals feature two focal lengths, however, there is a thin but visible line in the lens where the focuses are separated. If this doesn’t bother you, then this is the type that will work for you. In the above photo, the full lens is for distance correction, while the smaller area near the bottom is for closer objects.

MYKITA Jana eyeglasses

Those who want to avoid having the visible line across their lenses opt for progressive lenses. Although they are a bit more expensive, glasses-wearers enjoy them because they are a more attractive and youthful option, and they offer a more seamless progression than bifocals when changing focuses. They help your corrected sight feel natural, which can be less distracting, especially for those new to wearing specs. Progressive lenses are also a good for camouflaging your optical problems, no one will be able to know the degree of your eyesight issues when they are hidden by a classic-looking lens.

Progressives are also ideal for trifocal needs as well, adding a third intermediary distance in the center without  showing a single line.

For more information on different lens options, please call us at 866-411-9428 or email We will be happy to answer any questions you have so you can make the best decision for you.

Have You Met Our Friends From MYKITA?

We consider our customers to be our good friends, and the more the merrier, right? Today we want to introduce you to some of our pals at MYKITA – Frank, Edwin, and Charly – just a few of the many awesome designs in the MYKITA eyewear collection

MYKITA Frank C. 907 Eyeglasses
Meet Frank – a sophisticated pair of plastic glasses that comes in a smokey gray. The subtle color of the rectangular frame is chic, and not quite as safe as black, making this style a little bit daring. MYKITA Frank eyeglasses are translucent, so the gray shines in the light.
MYKITA Edwin C. 602 Eyeglasses
Our friend Edwin is quite sophisticated as well, with its classic tortoise-colored frame and soft curves throughout. This is a great unisex style, featuring flared corners, a slightly arched bridge, and straight arms that are connected to the front with the brand’s screw-less hinge. MYKITA Edwin glasses are a great way to get that geek-chic, artsy look.MYKITA Charly C. 904
Charly is another good friend of ours. Flexible, dependable, and elegant, the screw-less hinges of this frame allow for increased durability and resilience in the face of accidental harsh treatment. The peridot shade is flattering on men and women and is perfect for all types of social settings. MYKITA Charly glasses are also offered in Cuba, a timeless tortoise shade.
Please feel free to stop by at any time at Vizio Optic at our store in Brookline Village to try on these frames and to look at the rest of our MYKITA eyewear collection.

From Denmark With Love, ProDesign Eyewear

Prodesign 1638 C. 4932 Eyeglasses
Prodesign 4642 C. 9022 Eyeglasses
Prodesign 4618 C. 4132 Eyeglasses ProDesign glasses are some of the most affordable high-end modern glasses available today for both women and men. For offering high quality at a great price, ProDesign Eyewear has an enduring appeal.

ProDesign was originally founded in 1973, and the company’s design philosophy and brand values underwent an amazing change over time, heading in a direction that put ProDesign into a league of its own in the world of luxury eyewear.

The designers – Allan Rasmussen, Marin Jespersen, Oden Capello, and Gail Spence – work with titanium, choice metals, and acetate. Additionally, Gail Spence, an American-born Danish jewelry designer, specializes in colorful and lightweight aluminum frames with a signature hinge that allows wearers to choose any number of interchangeable temple designs for a custom look.

ProDesign frames are a literal embodiment of Danish simplicity, with clean lines and nothing that could be called superfluous in their construction. But each classic pair of ProDesign eyeglasses is imbued with something unexpected – perhaps a bold color on the interior of the frame, angular cut outs on the arms, or a contrasting emphasis on the hinge. Each detail is designed for maximum impact without overpowering the frame itself.

There is a trend-setting timelessness that defines ProDesign eyewear, with traditional shapes balanced with a playfulness that makes these frames appeal to people from all walks of life. In the world of ProDesign, eyewear outfits the face, so the company has always endeavored to create frames that follow the unique facial contours and enhance the appearance of all who wear them.

There are five main lines of ProDesign eyewear:

  • ESSENTIAL: For those who follow fashion but prefer a more subtle look, Essential embodies mainstream style sensibilities without demanding attention..
  • 4TH DIMENSION: These frames have a sporty, urban, and above-all chic modishness that is perfect for the glasses wearer who wants to get noticed.
  • IRIS: Understated glamour is the defining factor of the Iris collection, which has an unmistakable feminine touch.
  • ZENSE: Creativity underlies Zense frames, which feature simple colors and high-tech details that combine to form an exclusive, expertly-designed silhouette
  • FOR PRODESIGN: This line is created by guest designers (such as Gail Spence) and has a worldly quality that comes from outside influences.

ProDesign glasses are a very popular choice at Vizio Optic among people looking for eyeglasses with elegance and style yet at a great price. The diversity of the brand’s collections means that even those who don’t initially come to us looking for ProDesign frames are often taken with their matchless style.

Have you ever tried a pair of ProDesign glasses?

Glasses For People Who Hate Glasses!

Buying designer glasses means choosing frames, and for us, that’s the best part of wearing them! (And that’s why we never wear contact lenses!) But for some, having to wear specs is a nightmare. Some people can’t stand how they look with metal or plastic frames and opt for contacts, yet they still yearn to wear glasses because deep down they want that perfectly chic look.


When we meet our customers who dislike glasses, our first suggestion is that they try on a pair of rimless frames like the Lindberg Spirit Titanium glasses.  In fact, this is a timely blog post for us because we are having our annual LINDBERG Eyewear Trunk Show at our store in Brookline, MA this upcoming Saturday on October 20 and you are certainly invited! But back to rimless eyeglasses.

Rimless eyeglasses are practically invisible, which means that there’s nothing to come between your eyes and the world. They are a great way to improve your vision without drastically changing your look. This style also gives you a very sophisticated and high-end executive image, and you can also combine them with some colorful and elegant arm designs to show off a dash of style.

We love Lindberg rimless glasses especially because they are the lightest rimless frames in the world at a tiny 2.8 grams and under, and they’re amazingly flexible (with their awesome screwless hinge) as well. But there are lots of designers that have rimless frame options. No matter who you are, there is probably a pair of rimless glasses out there that will make you feel fabulous and convince you that wearing glasses can be great.

They look great on women:
LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2101 eyeglasses

And men!
LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 eyeglasses

Have you tried on a pair of rimless glasses from Lindberg or another designer? What did you think?

How To Find Your Glasses Size

Not all online shopping is quick and easy. We understand that shopping for designer eyewear online can be a difficult task because it’s more of a thing you do in person, but online stores like Vizio Optic provide a far larger selection than brick-and-mortar shops and give you much more to choose from. Thus, we aim to make your experience as positive as possible.

When shopping online for eyewear, one of the most important things you must know is your correct size! If you’ve worn glasses before, it’s very easy to find this information. Just grab an old frame and look at one of the inner arms for a string of numbers that look similar to this: 54-13-135. Find it? Great! Don’t know what it means? That’s what we’re here for!

The first number is the horizontal measurement of one lens in millimeters. Compare this and the other numbers to frames you find online to make sure you are within the same size range. The second number is the bridge – the strip that sits over your nose. This number doesn’t always have to be in the same range, as some can be narrow and some can be wide, but should be relatively close. The last number is the length of the temple, or the arm that runs from the hinge to the end of the part that sits on your ear.

If you do not have an old pair of designer glasses to compare, here is a guide for you to quickly reference while shopping:

Extra Small: Lenses that measure 46mm and smaller. (This size is typically found in kids glasses or those with round lenses.)

Small: 47mm to 50mm lenses

Medium: 51mm to 53mm lenses

Large: 54mm to 56mm lenses

Extra Large: 57mm lenses and larger

We consider a temple length of 120mm to be small, 130mm to be medium, and 140mm as large. You can estimate your correct size given these ranges.

One thing to keep in mind is the shape of your frame. If you are opting for an oversized look, the lens size if obviously going to be a bit skewed from your previous frames. For round glasses, the lens measurement may be a bit smaller.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance in choosing a frame, please contact us at or 866-411-9428 and we will be happy to help you.

If the frame your order is an incorrect fit, you may return or exchange for a new pair. We offer free returns on frames for a full refund. Please see our return policy for more details.

The Designer Eyewear That Reigns Over Hollywood

We are constantly watching our favorite celebrities for fashion cues throughout the seasons, and the one accessory that is a constant year after year is a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses or eyeglasses. Ever since Tom Cruise brought them to the big screen in the Eighties, they’ve been a staple in the wardrobes of stylish people all over the world. We’ve spotted tons of Hollywood’s most fashionable stars sporting the popular frames in the last couple of weeks, including Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, wearing styles you can get directly from Vizio Optic!

Lovesick singer Swifty was sighted recently donning a pair of Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140 sunglasses in black, keeping it classic and safe.

To tone down her busy outfit, Katy Perry chose the classic Wayfarers as well. When you’re going overboard with trends – mixing color block, floral, and zig zag patterns together – your best bet to avoid a visual overload is to go with simple accessories.

Actress Rachel Bilson opted for another icon in the brand’s lineup – Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator RB3025 sunglasses – in an outfit-matching gunmetal with protective lenses. Not only is she staying extra safe from the sun thanks to her polarized lenses, but the aviators keep her looking trendy and effortlessly cool in the crisp fall weather.

Ray Ban Clubmaster RB3016 sunglasses worn by Sophia Bush are vintage inspired, with a mix of materials that create a totally trendy look. The brow line features an acetate rim, while the bottom half of the brown lenses are surrounded by metal. The Clubmaster is offered in plenty of different colors, and Bush wears a beautiful honey-colored style perfect for fall.

Last, but not least, the ever-stylish Alexa Chung looks geek chic with a frame from the Ray Ban optical collection. The tortoise-colored frame is the eyeglass version of the famous Wayfarer, allowing you to take your favorite style indoors with prescription lenses. Ray Ban eyeglasses are not available on, but we do have access to the entire optical collection and can assist you with your purchase via phone or email. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of Ray Ban glasses, please email or call 866-411-9428.

Bonjour! Photos from Silmo 2012 in Paris

Vizio Optic just returned from an amazing week in Paris, where our owner, Dr. Galina Rabkin, attended Silmo Mondial de L’Optique! The international designer eyewear exhibition is one of the most anticipated events in the field each year, as designers unveil their new collections and do meet-and-greets with visitors, awards are given to the industry leaders, you can see the latest in eyewear fashion and technology, and – most importantly – you’re in PARIS!

If you follow us on Instagram (@vizio_optic) you got an exclusive look at Dr. Rabkin’s trip to Silmo 2012 throughout the week. Here is a recap of the week in photos!

Vizio Optic at Silmo 2012 with Roger EyewearDr. Rabkin and the mastermind creator of Roger Eyewear, Roger Hoppenbrouwers.

Behind the scenes at Silmo 2012 with LafontOriginal Lafont eyeglasses moldings used to make each frame. Each one weights 5 lbs!

Preview of Lafont eyewear's new collectionSneak preview of Lafont Eyewear‘s new Rendezvous collection!

Vizio Optic with Claire Goldsmith of Oliver Goldsmith sunglassesOur favorite pic! Dr. Rabkin with Claire Goldsmith of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses. LOVE that backdrop!

Wissing EyewearA sneak preview of what will soon be available in our store and online – Wissing Eyewear. They look like literal eye candy with their fun colors and funky designs. What do you think?

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram! We love to interact with you on all channels possible, and Instagram is our new favorite way to show you photos from our everyday operations 🙂

How To Buy Glasses Online

Shopping online isn’t always easy. Sometimes what you receive in the mail isn’t what you thought you ordered! At Vizio Optic, we understand that shopping for designer eyewear online can be a little bit difficult, but if you follow this guide, your experience will be much easier!

First, if you will be needing lenses, please have your prescription available. With your most recent prescription, we’ll be able to accurately customize your lenses. We will also be needing your pupillary distance (PD) measurement as well, which helps us identify the precise optical center so you have the best vision. If the PD number is not included on your prescription, you’ll have to visit your eye care professional for a quick measurement.

Face a Face Alice 3 eyeglasses

Face a Face Alice 3 eyeglasses

The next step is the fun part! Choose your favorite frame from our selection of nearly 30 amazing brands. With hundreds of styles to choose from, conveniently categorized to make your search a little bit easier, you’ll be able to find the right frame that suits your style and personality. Need help finding the right one? It will help to learn your eyeglasses size or select shop by frame type. Please note that frames do not come with lenses unless you purchase them from Vizio Optic. For those who purchase LINDBERG glasses, if you have only purchased the frame, it will come in three pieces (two arms and the bridge) for your optician to assemble with your prescription lenses.

After you’ve chosen the frame, it’s time to choose your lens type. Do you need single vision, reading, or fashion lenses? Single vision refers to whether you will be using your glasses for nearsightedness or farsightedness, while reading glasses are simply ones you will be using to see better while reading. You must also choose your desired lens thickness, with options including regular polycarbonate lenses that work for just about everyone, or High Index lenses, which are the thinnest and lightest ones you can find. For other lens types – bifocals, trifocals, or progressives – please contact us at

If you are not purchasing a frame but are interested in lenses, please email the above address and a member of our team will be happy to guide you through your purchase.

All sunglasses will come with the lenses mention in their product description, which are non-prescription and made by the manufacturer, unless you purchase polarized or prescription sunglass lenses.


Are Glasses More Important Than Shoes?

What do you notice first?

What do you notice first?

You’ve heard it plenty of times – shoes set the tone for a person’s outfit and makes the biggest first impression. But let us ask you one thing – when you’re talking to a friend, are you looking at her feet or her face?

Glasses are far more powerful than shoes when it comes to how others view you! Thus, it is important to choose the perfect pair that looks great, evokes the right vibe, and matches your personality. No one is looking at your feet when they’re having a conversation with you, and if they are, they don’t sound like someone you want to be impressing in the first place! One of our favorite things to say here at Vizio Optic is that you want to treat designer glasses like they are jewelry for your face. They are just as important an accessory as a bracelet, necklace, or ring, and you wouldn’t wear the same ones every day, would you?

Many of our brands are 100% focused on designing high-quality eyewear, with a huge range of frames that help you look your best and feel sexy, fresh, professional, creative – whatever you want!

Hilary in Etnia eyeglasses

Above, Hilary is wearing Etnia eyeglasses. See what personality they give her? No matter what kind of look you want to project, we carry the perfect frame for you. Just by looking at her, you can tell that Hilary is showing off her playful side with bright colors and a cool design. Want something a little more sophisticated for your work days? Try on a pair of ic! berlin glasses on for size. The sleek frames and innovative technology used to create them will give off that executive look you’ve always dreamed of.

We do not exist as one-dimensional figures, so why should you only have one look? As we’ve mentioned before, we’re  big fans of having multiple eyeglasses for our multiple personalities. They are a much better way to give off the right impression than a pair of shoes. For work settings, a simple metal frame with a little detailing gets the job done. Your creativity can bloom in social settings with a laser-cut floral frame from Kata, or if you’re a minimalist who appreciates bright pop of color, look to Lafont or Face a Face.

No matter what type of impression you want to give, Vizio Optic has got the perfect style for you. Call us for a free consultation so you can be on your way to showing the world your true self through a great pair of designer glasses.