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Strength in Simplicity: The High-Tech MYKITA Screw-Less Hinge

If you think there’s nowhere left to go in the world of eyewear innovation, the German design experts behind the pioneering of MYKITA eyewear‘s famous hinge would beg to differ. Traditional screw construction? That’ s a thing of the past.

MYKITA (founded in 2004 by Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling) replaced soldering and screws that have traditionally been the weakest link in eyeglasses with a unique snap hinge forged from top-quality stainless steel. The hinge, as seen below, is completely screw-less!

MYKITA glasses hinge

This MYKITA hinge is a technical marvel. Every piece of the frame is cut from sheet metal a mere 0.5 mm thick, which results in ultra-light, featherweight glasses that feel like wearing nothing at all. And when you have no screws it’s even lighter!

The hinge itself is created using a system of carefully calculated folds – no screws means that the signature MYKITA hinge requires virtually no maintenance. There’s nothing that can loosen, nothing you can lose. Add to that the fact that the MYKITA hinge can easily be described as an unheard of pinnacle of frame resilience, and it’s immediately obvious why MYKITA eyewear is making screws in eyeglasses utterly redundant. Haffmans and Gottschling’s original, modern design proves beyond a doubt there’s strength in simplicity.

The best part? The MYKITA screw-less hinge allows for total frame flexibility and a true customized fit for any facial proportions. That means that whatever MYKITA style you choose, your glasses will look like they were made just for you.

MYKITA glasses

Lafont Eyewear: Elegant Frames For a Sophisticated New You

Lafont eyewear was established in France early in the 1930s. The brand’s collections embody the arts and designs of Paris and provides a high-quality collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses for elegant and fun individuals. All of their products are beautifully handcrafted and carefully designed to fit your personality and style. Throughout the years, Lafont has earned a loyal following and many admirers from the public and the fashion world. Each season, you’ll find a brand new combination of bright colors, interesting textures, and eye-catching patterns.

Popular frames from the French brand include:

Lafont Celimene eyeglasses

Lafont Celimene Eyeglasses – From the Lafont Reedition vintage eyewear collection, Celimene features a cat-eye front rim in tortoise with blue accents.

Lafont Burlesque eyeglasses

Lafont Burlesque Eyeglasses – This frame, from the Paris collection, is a funky style that comes in beige with a purple lace pattern. It is a great choice for those looking for a chic and classic pair of glasses.

Lafont Mexico eyeglasses

Lafont Mexico Eyeglasses — Mexico is a semi-rimless frame featuring a tortoise-colored top rim. It is a great style for men, with the top line of the rectangular silhouette running straight across and flattering masculine features.

Lafont Kids eyeglasses

Lafont Kids Eyeglasses — These are colorful and stylsh frames for young kids. The children’s collection features fresh and colorful designs that kids love and are perfectly cut for small faces, including the above Ines and Isabelle styles.


Why You Need Glasses (Even If You Don’t!)

Geek glasses

When you were young, the idea of wearing glasses brought one of two images in your mind: taped-up chunky frames that were the mark of nerds everywhere, or big coke-bottle lenses on your school librarian’s face attached to a long chain on each temple. Not so much anymore! These days, being a fabulous four-eyes is something to embrace, thanks to the vast selection of designer eyewear available today that help you look cool, sophisticated, and give off any vibe you want.

Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses

Frames in funky colors are a great way to accessorize an outfit!

Which category do you place eyewear in? Accessories! No longer just a “medical device,” designers like CHANEL, Face a Face, LINDBERG, and many more have brought eyewear to the forefront of fashion with their creative designs and wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Whether you need prescription lenses, reading glasses, or just want to change your look with a pair of specs, there is certainly something to fit your needs.


Did you know that in Tokyo and Hong Kong, designer eyewear has become such must-have item that fashionistas have been wearing glasses with no lenses? That’s right! And the trend is spreading all over the world. Colorful rims are such a coveted item that those who don’t even need glasses want to wear them, popping out the lenses and enjoying the same beautiful looks that the rest of us glasses-wearers enjoy. They even have multiple pairs so they can match a great frame with every outfit.

Have you ever gotten dressed only to look in the mirror and think “something’s missing…”? Even if you have perfect vision, designer glasses could be the perfect way to complete your outfit. Find a pair in a complementary color to bring your whole look together, no lenses necessary. If you’d rather have some protection over your eyes, ask your optician about demo lenses, which are the clear samples that come with the glasses you try on in a store.


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Alex in Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses

Hilary in Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses

CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses

Ray Ban London Wayfarer sunglasses Series

Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan, Audrey, and Y-Not sunglasses