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Face a Face: Eye Stylist to the Stars

What do Annette Bening, Jude Law, Geena Davis, Ellen Barkin, Minnie Driver, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, and Kate Walsh have in common? (Besides being beautiful people in Hollywood!) They all have a pair Face a Face glasses. Whether it is wardrobe masters choosing the perfect frames for a photo op or a personal choice for chic eyewear that will make the paparazzi dizzy, Face a Face eyeglasses put you where you want to be.

From elegantly classic to stylishly retro, Face a Face eyewear is a great addition to your summer wardrobe as well as a welcome accent the entire year. Choose your character, your shape, and your color and prepare to dazzle everyone you meet. You won’t go wrong with these French frames that are not only loved by American celebrities but have also been features in top fashion magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, InSytle, Allure and Madame Figaro.

Face a Face eyeglasses and sunglasses

Face a Face eyeglasses are known for quality craftsmanship, as they are handmade with the utmost care in Paris. A number of awards have been given to Face a Face founders Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, specifically for the Face a Face Miami 1 sunglasses, pictured below.

Face a Face Miami 1 sunglasses

Don’t let celebrities like Quentin Tarantino, Hilary Swank, and Willem Dafoe be the only ones with amazing works of art accenting their famous faces – get a pair of your own at

A Tribute to Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

Every once in a while we love to pay homage to our favorite classic eyewear styles. Today, we are as in love with Ray Ban sunglasses as we were back in the Eighties when Tom Cruise donned a pair on  the big screen. Lots of customers come to Vizio Optic each season to see the newest styles from the most recognized sunglasses brand in the world. One of the most popular frames internationally, and especially at our store, is the Ray Ban Wayfarer.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

This design came about in 1952 by Raymond Stegeman, with contours combining the mid-century and the classic eyewear designs. It was complemented by an attractive trapezoidal frame that has a casual, masculine appeal and flatters just about every face shape. The Wayfarer is not only an icon in the brand’s evolution, marking the company’s first turn from metal to plastic eyewear, but in the eyewear industry as a whole.


In 1982, when Ray Bans were worn by Tom Cruise in “Risky Business,” the Wayfarers became a phenomenon and were an instant classic. In 1986, Ray Ban 1.5 million Wayfarer sunglasses after it appeared in “Miami Vice”, “The Breakfast Club,” and “Moonlighting.” The popularity soared even more when Madonna, Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry, Elvis Costello, Anna Wintour, and Jack Nicholson began wearing them. From the two models of Wayfarers in 1981, Ray Ban designed more than 40 models throughout the remainder of the decade. Today, there are countless versions of this frame.

In 2001 Ray Ban Wayfarers took on a remarkable revamp. Acetate frames were replaced with lighter injected plastics and the shape was made smaller and become a bit rounded. Ray Ban Wayfarers were still in fashion. In 2008, Wayfarers were made available with more models, colors, and later,  several new patterns. Ray Ban has inspired a multitude of manufacturers to create Wayfarer-style frames, emphasizing its lasting impression on the business of fashion.


Who Is The Man Behind Mikli?

Update from Vizio Optic:  We no longer carry the Mikli par Mikli or Alain Mikli brands.  Please browse our currently available designer brands and call, chat or email us for personalized assistance. We are an authorized dealer of authentic European and US brands, shipping world-wide!

Thank you from all of us at Vizio Optic!


Alain Mikli (born Alain Miklitarian) is a world-renowned French eyewear designer who is recognized for his remarkable hand-crafted eyeglasses and sunglasses. Mikli was born in 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon, but moved to France and in 1978, opened his first design studio in Paris. Most of his eyeglass designs were characterized by unique colors and shapes that attract a lot of devotees, popular European celebrities, and avant-garde Americans. It was in the ’80s that he became popular when musicians and famous artists began wearing his exquisite eyewear.

In 1983, Elton John wore Alain Mikli eyeglasses which made his brand an internationally admired name. Almost three decades later, Kanye West re-established the popularity of Alain Mikli in the music world when he requested his famous Shutter Shades for his music video “Stronger”. Other celebrities who lovve Alain Mikli glasses include Andy Warhol, Matthew Broderick, Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson, Samuel L. Jackson, Meryl Streep ,and U2′s Bono.

All of Alain Mikli’s eyeglasses are eye-catching as they come with unique designs and lively combinations of colors. They also comes in a variety of sizes perfectly cut and carefully crafted using high-quality acetate and titanium materials. Alain Mikli glasses and sunglasses convey elegance, boldness, and individuality. Those who wear Alain Mikli have a passion to emphasize their individual style.

Alain Mikli eyewear

For a look at the latest collection of Alain Mikli eyeglasses and sunglasses, visit

NEW ARRIVALS: Face a Face eyewear

We love Face a Face glasses here at Vizio Optic, and we’re so excited to bring to you a brand new collection of the French brand’s beautiful designer eyewear for Fall 2012. Filled with colorful frames made of high-quality plastic, you’ll love all of the creative and playful styles in this new line.

Face a Face Ginza 2 eyeglasses

Face a Face Ginza 2 eyeglasses is an oversized style that takes cues from the Seventies and Eighties, when large plastic rims were all the rage. This retro frame has a square silhouette with lenses that are rounded at the corners for a softer, feminine look, and has crisscross stripes on each upper corner of the front rim. This style is available in a classic tortoise and red with yellow stripes.

Face a Face Moons 2 Sunglasses

Face a Face Moons 2 sunglasses are a funky look for this fall.  Its transparent purple frame comes with a retro square silhouette and a pink overlay on the front rim. It is complemented by tan striped arms, which are wide and slope to a smaller ear tip. This frame is also available in Striped Tan and Black.

Face a Face Sorel 2 eyeglasses

Face a Face Sorel 3 eyeglasses, from the brand’s stainless steel collection, are a beautiful geometric style, a trend that is very popular this season. It features  pointed outer corners and an angular top rim, and is also available in fuchsia with pink with purple accents.

For a deeper look into the Fall 2012 collection of Face a Face glasses, visit

Frame Yourself: Triangle Faces

In the final week of Frame Yourself, we will help those of you with triangle-shaped faces fine the perfectly flattering pair of designer glasses! This shape is exactly what it sounds like – a silhouette that begins narrow around the forehead and widens from the cheeks to the jawline. Minnie Driver and Renee Zellweger are two famous faces with this shape, and they definitely know how to dress it up!

The main idea in finding a great pair of glasses is to create balance. With triangle-shaped faces, you want a top-heavy style, or one that draws the most attention to the upper half of the face.


CHANEL 5207 Sunglasses

Minnie Driver wears CHANEL 5207 sunglasses in this photo, which are an oversized pair of shades that are upswept at the outer corners, drawing the eye upwards and giving the illusion of balance. This style features a glossy black, thin, plastic rim surrounding dark lenses, with round, riveted temples that bear the brand’s signature CC logo.


Vue dc ROB eyeglasses

For designer eyeglasses, Renee Zellweger has chosen a pair that brings the focus upwards as well. The flared corners and pronounced top line make it a perfect top-heavy style. For a similar frame, try Vue dc ROB eyeglasses. This has the same round silhouette with a glossy plastic rim. It is available in clear, black, brown, tortoise, and more.


Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses

The two actresses have the same idea in this photo. Ray Ban 3205 sunglasses are a great choice for triangle faces. Since the broadening of the face does not typically begin until the cheekbones, these aviator sunglasses do a great job bringing balance to the upper half of the face.

Frame Yourself: Round Faces

This week in Frame Yourself, we’re talking about the best frame for round faces. As we’ve discussed, there are plenty other shapes than just the typical square and oval, and knowing your true shape is important to help you find the perfect designer glasses for you. Round faces do not have many angles, and you generally have equal length and width, with full cheeks. Some great examples of celebrities with round faces include Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, and Elijah Wood.


MYKITA Luna sunglasses

Christina Ricci knows how to thing big when it comes to buying the perfect pair of designer sunglasses. With round faces, large and upswept styles bring the focus to all the right places. For a style similar to Christina’s, with oversized lenses and a slight cat-eye, try a pair of MYKITA Luna sunglasses, which are available in the above Taupe, Black, Tobago, Blue Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.


CHANEL 2118HB eyeglasses

In this photo, Kirsten Dunst wears a pair of narrow, short eyeglasses with a rectangular silhouette, which are flattering because they help lengthen the face and thin it out a bit. CHANEL eyeglasses in 2118HB are a similar style to the one Kirsten wears, with silver metal rims, a straight bridge, and wide black arms that slope into a curve over the ear.


Vue dc GUS eyeglasses

Elijah Wood is a great example of how geometric frames can help flatter a round face. The extra angles help sharpen your soft features, bringing a good balance to your appearance. A similar style to Elijah’s is by Vue dc eyewear, knows as GUS. It is a glossy plastic in black with three silver dot accents on each side. It is aso available in Tortoise, or in Black with Red arms.

Fall Trend: Oxblood Eyeglasses

One of the most popular trends for the Fall 2012 is oxblood. Don’t let the name deter you, this trend is entirely vegan. This beautiful deep red has been seen all over the runways, and you can have your own fashionable accessory too with a pair of  oxblood-colored designer glasses.

 Face a Face Axess 4 eyeglasses

Face a Face Axess 4 eyeglasses in color 263 are a great option. The rectangular frame features a thin front rim, with wide hinges that extend their thickness to the arms. The front is a dark oxblood, while the arms are colored in a lighter shade of red.

Face a Face Bliss 2 eyeglasses

Another style from the French designer is Face a Face Bliss 2 eyeglasses in color 695. With its rectangular silhouette, just about anyone will find these flattering. Bliss 2 features flared corners with recessed accents, as well as a vertical striped pattern along the front rim. The arms are a bit more bold with a larger striped pattern.

 JF Rey Cevou eyeglasses

J.F. Rey Cevou eyeglasses in color 9024 are glossy oxblood in a structured rectangular shape. One the arms, the flat, metal temple features four laser-cut stripes, making this style more than just trendy, but artistic too. Cevou will have heads turning no matter where you go!

This shade is showing up everywhere! For more oxblood colored styles, visit our website at

Frame Yourself: Heart-shaped Faces

This week in Frame Yourself, we’re styling heart-shaped faces. Some of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world have this silhouette, which can be flattered with an expertly chosen pair of designer eyeglasses. Hearts typically feature a broad forehead, structured cheekbones, and a small chin that come together to form a “lovely” shape! Carrie Underwood (seen here) is an excellent example, as are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reese Witherspoon, and Dakota Fanning.

Lafont Eames eyeglasses

In this photo, Jennifer Love Hewitt knows that bottom-heavy frames are the best for a heart-shaped face. Because the rims go lower than a typical pair of glasses, this larger style adds some width to the latter portion of her face. For a similar style to the one Love is wearing, try on a pair of Lafont Eames eyeglasses from the Issy & La collection.

Mosley Tribes Aviatrix sunglasses

Here is a shot of Reese Witherspoon in Mosley Tribes Aviatrix sunglasses in gold with polarized lenses. Shorter styles with rounded accents flatter heart-shaped faces by softening the look of a broad forehead and also helps create balance. This style comes in numerous colors and lens types, including gold and silver with polarized, mirror, or rosewood lenses.

Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses

Dakota Fanning is all grown up, and so is her style. Her eyeglasses are similar to Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses, which are round and retro, offering the same broadening illusion as the frames on Jennifer Love Hewitt. This style also features silver accents on each corner and the brand’s signature logo on the temples.


Back To School!: The Top Kids Glasses For Fall

It’s that time of year again – school is almost back in session and it’s time to get shoppin’ for clothes, supplies, and most importantly, kids glasses! It is vital for children to have precise vision at school so they don’t get frustrated or distracted from learning. But the fun part lies in letting your son or daughter choose a frame that represents their personality, something that is always evolving and which may have changed from previous years! Let your child express his or her personal style with these popular frames this season:

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses are a great start for those who are new to wearing glasses. Not only do they look nice and flattering, but they are also extremely lightweight, which helps kids avoid being distracted by their new accessory. This style comes in multiple solid colors, and also features a screw-less hinge that parents will appreciate for its lack of screws. No need to worry that they will loosen or come apart!

Etnia Metroville eyeglasses


Etnia Metrovile eyeglasses come in nine different colors and patterns. Kids will have a field day choosing from two-toned checkers, stripes, polka dots, and more. This frame is a chunky Wayfarer-style that is more flattering on older children’s faces. Bonus: If your child absolutely loves these Etnia glasses, they can have the same frame in a sunglass version.

 JF Rey Delly eyeglasses

Little girls will love the laser-cut floral designs of JF Rey Delly eyeglasses. The rectangular pink frame features little daisies along the arms in a complementary orange, with gray plastic capped on the ends to sit comfortably over the ears. This style is also offered in teal with silver accents.

Frame Yourself: Oblong Faces

When thinking of the basic face shapes, oblong is not the first that comes to mind. But getting this deep into discovering your true face shape truly helps when selecting the perfect pair of designer glasses. Oblong faces typically have a narrow width and are longer than they are wide. Your cheekbones are often centered and pronounced, and the silhouette also features long lines from the forehead to the nose. Celebrities with this face shape include Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Adam Levine.

You might think that taller frames may do more to lengthen your face, but they actually have a shortening effect by covering more surface area. In this photo, Ashlee Simpson wears Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which are large enough to keep her long features in balance. This style also comes in an optical version as well, so whether your love for Wayfarers is so great you want to keep the style going both outdoors and in, or you just want a cool pair of trendy eyeglasses, Ray Ban makes both options readily available.

Similarly, here is Adam Levine wearing Ray Ban-style designer eyeglasses and rocking the geek chic trend. Those with oblong faces should stick with larger frames, as short, narrow rims can actually elongate the face and throw off its balance. The trick is to find that equilibrium while flattering your features as well.

Lastly, if you are ever looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, look no further than one of Hollywood’s favorite style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker. She knows exactly what fits her oblong face, and opts for frames that increase her horizontal line with a flashy style or embellished arms. Parker has been spotted wearing numerous fashion labels, but she adores her CHANEL sunglasses and has been most famously seen wearing MYKITA Franz sunglasses in the promotional movie poster for Sex and the City 2.