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The top 5 questions about transition lenses


transition lensesPhoto: Pixabay

What are transition lenses?
Transition lenses, also known as photocromic lenses, are ones that change color depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors, day or night. They are made the same way regular lenses are made, but with an additional polymer film that helps facilitate the darkening of the lenses to the correct tint. These lenses can be fitted to just about any frame you like.

How do transition lenses work?
Once you head outdoors during the day, the tint automatically begins to occur. You may notice that indoor lighting does not have the same effect, this is because the lenses are triggered by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Once the sun hits the lenses, they begin to tint to provide better protection for your eyes.

How long does it take for transition lenses to become tinted?
The lenses take about 15 minutes to make a full transition into the protective tint. The same goes for when you go back indoors, when the lens will return to its clear form.

Are transition lenses as effective as regular sunglasses?
Yes! One of the benefits of transition lenses is that you essentially get a two-for-one deal, getting a pair of designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in one chic frame.  They provide the same protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays as a pair of your normal sunglasses do, but with the advantage of not having to lug around a second pair of glasses!

Who should wear transition lenses?
Transition lenses may be most beneficial to those who spend a lot of time outdoors, such as those who work outside, athletes, or even those who just like to get some sun on the beach. This is particularly helpful to wearers who enjoy physical activities, as there is no worry about what you’ll do with the other pair of glasses in the meantime.

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Our favorite reading glasses for 2012

It’s no secret these days – more people than ever are in need of corrective eyewear. In fact, more than 90 percent of people wear some form of glasses, according to the Wall Street Journal. This includes reading glasses, which are great for those who spend a lot of time working on the computer.

Reading eyeglasses help reduce strain on your eyes, which often leads to fatigue. Also, those who opt for anti-glare treatments on their lenses will benefit during their nighttime reading, so that light bounces right off the glasses rather than shining right through.

What’s great about reading glasses is that just about any pair of frames can be fitted for them – so here are some of our favorite pairs of designer eyeglasses to use for reading this season:

Prodesign 4650 eyeglasses

Prodesign 4650 eyeglasses in color 6032 are a great unisex option. It looks best on those with sharper angles in their face, as the round curves give a nice contrast and accentuate these features. They are quite a simple design, with a small patch of color on the hinge with matching ear tips.

Alain Mikli AL0322 eyeglasses

Alain Mikli AL0322 glasses are a funkier style, with a full plastic rim that is accented with black and clear stripes. The brand is known for its cool patterns, so make sure to check out the entire collection to find something that fits with your personal style.

Face a Face Ebony 1 eyeglasses
For the ladies, Face a Face has a vast collection of feminine frames that are perfect for reading glasses. Try Face a Face Ebony 1 glasses for example. The cat-eye shape is an extremely popular retro style these days, and the red-to-clear gradient is a modern twist that will definitely be making heads turn. Who wouldn’t want a pair of these chic frames?

The top vintage-inspired glasses for 2012

With Pan Am’s rising popularity and the highly anticipated return of Mad Men next month, retro style has never been so prevalent. While the period dramas are set in the sixties, you can draw inspiration from both shows to join in on the trend that has been infiltrating international runways with the top vintage designer eyeglasses for 2012.

Lafont Alibaba eyeglasses

For a true throwback look, find a pair of glasses with totally round lenses and a minimalist frame. One of the most authentic models we’ve found is Lafont Alibaba eyeglasses. With minimal accoutrements, the tortoise frames are simple and old school, perfect for a hip vintage look.

Vue dc LEA eyeglasses

In true retro fashion, cat-eye shapes are the epitome of sixties specs. Vue dc LEA eyeglasses are an extreme look, with sharp angles that would compliment fierce femmes with softer angles in their facial features. The lenses have a rounded triangular look, with two silver dots accenting the outer rims.

MYKITA Ernest eyeglasses

Seen on Mad Men’s Harry Crane and on several characters in Pan Am, the combination of a plastic top rim over a metal frame is classic and makes for a great vintage appearance. MYKITA Ernest glasses are a great way to get this look, and bonus!, they have a conveniently modern touch with the screw-less hinge. Another excellent option for retro glasses is the optical version of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

Eyestylist interviews Face a Face’s Pascal Jaulent

Face a Face eyeglasses

We’re huge fans of Face a Face eyewear at Vizio Optic. The brand’s beautiful designs are brought to the world by Pascal Jaulent, president and art director for Face a Face, and his partner Nadine Roth. Recently, Jaulent spoke with the blog Eyestylist about his creative process and where he gets his inspiration.

Like many people, Jaulent did not go to school for what he ultimately became famous for. Despite having a background in finance, his love of design and architecture led him to where he is today.

“The basic principle of Face a Face has always been architecture, and now we also combine fashion with shapes and colours – it is very artful,” Jaulent told Eyestylist. “When designing frames, it is important to pay attention to design, but also fashion trends. Frames are a personal object or accessory that has to be connected to fashion trends.”

The designer finds it extremely important to keep up with current looks, as fashion moves quite quickly and labels have to act accordingly. This year’s trends involve the combination of several materials into one frame, which Jaulent finds particularly intriguing, noting his desire to work with rubber, concrete, and other “unexpected materials.” His current collection uses silk and cotton.

“There are many more collections now than a few years ago. Frames are a personal expression, and the attention that people are paying to a frame is a growing, positive trend. I want customers to say ‘this is beautiful, and my eyes smile,'” Jaulent told the eyewear blog.

Make sure to check out the latest collection of Face a Face eyeglasses and other designer eyewear on our website today!

The best rimless eyeglasses for 2012

Rimless glasses are one of our favorite types of frames here at Vizio. They are perfect for those who don’t want a huge change in their appearance, and also for people who want the freedom to totally customize their very own pair of designer eyeglasses. Our top two brands for these frames are LINDBERG eyewear and Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless glasses.

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2083 glasses are very popular with men. They are sleek and sophisticated, with rectangular lenses that are attached to lightweight titanium arm pieces. The temples are screwed directly into the lens, rather than into a rim, so lenses can be as large or small as you like. LINDBERG also allows wearers to select from over 150 colors, patterns and styles for their eyeglasses.

For the ladies, LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 3015 glasses are a hit. The beautiful red arms are a stunning color that are not too bold. The curved rectangular lenses look great on those with pronounced angles in their facial features.

Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless eyewear is another great lightweight option – each frame weighs about 2.5 grams, which feels as light as a feather on your face. This eliminates any pressure around the head or on the nose. This brand also allows plenty of personalization, giving you the creative reign over the pair you will be wearing on a daily basis. Above is a great example of just how many aspects Eyephorics hands over to the wearer to customize.

NEW ARRIVALS: Prodesign eyewear

Yes, we have even more new arrivals for you! The spring 2012 season is coming upon us and we have received so many amazing styles that we can’t wait to show you – be prepared for more posts like these in the next few weeks!

Today we have a new range of styles from Prodesign – a Danish brand that we love for its simple styles. Always sticking to its penchant for clean lines and minimalist features is what the company is known for, and who doesn’t love a brand that stays true to its roots? Take a look at some of the newest frames:

Prodesign 4366 eyeglasses

Prodesign 4366 eyeglasses embody everything that the company believes in – a minimal design with modern touches. The semi-rimless frame’s top is nearly flat, giving it a bit of masculine flair. That doesn’t mean it’s just for the guys, however, menswear is hot for the ladies this season and these frames are a great way to test the waters. The glasses are made of lightweight titanium, with soft silicone along the temples.

Prodesign 7612 eyeglasses

Prodesign 7612 eyeglasses are a little more feminine with their slight cat-eye shape, but the subtle angles help keep it unisex. This style is excellent for softer face shapes, and comes in a number of different color combinations (tortoise/purple, gradient black/clear, black/tortoise, gradient purple/clear, tortoise/red, and gradient brown/clear). The 7612 has one small accent – a hinge wrapped in solid silver.

Prodesign 1383 eyeglassesLastly, this two-toned style – Prodesign 1383 eyeglasses – is an excellent pair of glasses for a casual, comfortable look. Also made of lightweight titanium, these frames have recessed stripes on the temples that show off the complementary second color that also runs along the inner surface. The ear tips are capped with silicone for a comfortable fit.

Make sure to check out the Prodesign eyeglasses page at Vizio Optic to discover the rest of our excellent selection of their celebrated designer eyewear!

NEW ARRIVALS: Alain Mikli eyewear

Update from Vizio Optic:  We no longer carry the Mikli par Mikli or Alain Mikli brands.  Please browse our currently available designer brands and call, chat or email us for personalized assistance. We are an authorized dealer of authentic European and US brands, shipping world-wide!

Thank you from all of us at Vizio Optic!


We have a whole new selection of Alain Mikli eyewear this season! One of the best things about the French designer is his dedication to making each frame truly unique by handcrafting each one individually. No mass production here – no two frames are truly alike and that’s why we love them. Visit our website to see some of the latest styles – here are some of our favorites!

Alain Mikli 0305 eyeglasses


Alain Mikli 0305 eyeglasses are absolutely stunning, mixing the signature marbled look with metal accents for an intriguing design. The turquoise arm pieces are thin, complementing the small, rectangular lenses that look flattering on petite faces. This frame is also available in red, yellow, bronze/blue.

Alain Mikli AL1010 eyeglasses


Those who like the look of full-frame plastic glasses will like the colorful twist in Alain Mikli AL1010 eyglasses. Layering colored petals with mother of pearl is how the designer got such an interesting depth in this pattern. The frame is rectangular, but with soft and rounded corners for a more sensual feel. AL1010 is a great way to have some subtle color in your eyewear.


Alain Mikli AL0412 eyeglasses

Alain Mikli AL0412 eyeglasses inspire us to get a little funky, with its checkered pattern that can make anyone look like an artistic and playful person. The top of the frame is simple and straight, making it a great option for those who want a more masculine style. The shape is quite simple as well, leaving the details to the two-tone pattern that features white on the top and black on the bottom.