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Protect your eyes this winter with the LINDBERG Sun collection

Think you don’t need sunglasses in the winter? Think again! It may not feel like you’re getting much sun in the cold weather months, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t subject to the dangers of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Protection doesn’t have to be boring either – be smart about your eye health and look cool and fashionable at the same time with a pair of LINDBERG sunglasses.

Before you jump right in to picking out your favorite designer sunglasses, make sure you know why LINDBERG is a top choice among eyewear fans. Some of the most attractive features of the Danish brand’s sunwear line includes premium PVD coating for extremely durable frames, Zeiss lenses that offer outstanding optical quality, a screw-less hinge that eradicates the need for routine adjustments, and the freedom to customize the design with certain titanium styles.

LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses

For men, a popular look is the LINDBERG Sun 8555. These aviator sunglasses have a retro look with a modern touch, thanks to the super lightweight titanium that frames the vintage-inspired lenses. This straight double-bridged model comes in SC01 (silver with gray lenses) and SC03 (gold with brown lenses).
LINDBERG Sun 8550 sunglasses

Keeping in line with the retro look is LINDBERG Sun 8550 for women. The beige frames are accented with black along the outer rim, and are connected to matching black-accented beige temples via the world-patented screw-less hinge. With glamorous brown lenses, you’ll be looking like a Hollywood diva in no time.

Don’t let the cold days of winter fool you into thinking you don’t need protection from the sun. Visit and check out our vast collection of designer sunglasses today.

ProDesign Eyewear Unveils Axiom Collection

Some of the most well-made designer eyeglasses come from Denmark, including one of our favorites at Vizio Optic – ProDesign eyewear, a brand known for its clean lines and high quality. Axiom is the latest collection from the Danish company being touted for its “optimized simplicity.”

ProDesign Iris 5133 eyeglasses

Inspired by a bracelet seen in New York City, ProDesign Iris 5133 eyeglasses feature a cut-out 3D pattern on the temples. It took the designers quite a while to create exactly what they had envisioned for the feminine metal frames, finally settling on the semi-rimless eyeglasses style in two tones. The 5133 is available in brown/green, black/gold, green/purple, purple/gold (above), red/silver, and pink/purple.

ProDesign 6118 eyeglasses

ProDesign 6118 eyeglasses are a more casual style with an athletic appeal. These frames are made of super lightweight stainless steel, measuring as thin as 0.5mm for a weightless feel on your face, and also have a screw-less hinge design so you never have to worry about needing adjustments. There are four colors each for both men and women, including the above silver frame with the orange silicone strip.

ProDesign 6501 eyeglasses

The standout model in this ProDesign eyeglasses collection is the ProDesign 6501 eyeglass frames. The front gradient rims are made of a strong and durable material known as NXT, which is actually used for lenses. This gives the transparent colored frames an illuminated look. The screw-less hinge and temples are made of stainless steel, with a laser-cut pattern that gives a futuristic vibe. ProDesign 6501 glasses are available in light purple, dark purple, brown, white, gold, and violet.

To purchase a pair of ProDesign glasses from the Axiom collection, or for more information on color options, contact us at or give us a call at 866-411-9428.

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NEW ARRIVALS: Limited Edition Ray Ban Color Block Collection

In pop culture, the art of remaining relevant lies in the ability to constantly reinvent one’s self, something stars like Madonna and have done throughout their whole careers. In the fashion department, perhaps one of the most long-lasting accessories are Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which get a vintage-inspired update this season with the limited edition Color Block collection.

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

The face of the exclusive new line is Ray Ban RB2140 sunglasses, a multicolored grid-like pattern that takes its inspiration from De Stijl painter Piet Mondrian. With blue, red, yellow, orange and clear colors filling the grid, the stained glass-esque pattern looks absolutely stunning when the sunlight hits the frame, running through the translucent plastic and creating a truly illuminated look.

With the Mondrian look as a basis for inspiration, Ray Ban sunglasses reinvent the pattern over and over again with several color combinations. Seen above is the red and beige design (color 1083), which brings out the rose-colored strands in strawberry blonde hair. Brunettes may want to check out color 1086, which features a complementary brown and light-blue pattern.

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
For a more subtle way to look funky and chic, the varying shades of gray in color 1084 will do the trick.

Vizio Optic carries a vast selection of Ray Ban sunglasses, including limited edition styles not pictured on the website. Please email us at or call 866-411-9428 for more information on how you can own a pair of these exclusive Rare Prints sunglass frames.

NEW ARRIVALS: CHANEL Prestige Collection – La Chaîne eyeglasses and sunglasses

Vizio Optic recently received a very special shipment! CHANEL’s FW 2011/2012 Prestige Collection has finally arrived and is simply beautiful. This limited edition of CHANEL eyewear features brand new La Chaîne styles, which have been reintroduced into the seasonal collection after high demand from the brand’s biggest fans.

While every pair of CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses are special, La Chaîne frames have gorgeous detailing in silver and gold. The black and silver pairings are quite rare at CHANEL, making some of the Prestige styles extremely exclusive.

CHANEL 3223Q eyeglasses

CHANEL 3222Q eyeglasses
One of the new arrivals at Vizio Optic is style 3223Q, which are black cat-eye shaped CHANEL glasses that have silver chain detailing on the temples with a black lambskin strip weaved through the links. We also received style 3222Q – a dark tortoise frame with gold chain arms and matching lambskin.

CHANEL 5208Q sunglasses

CHANEL 4194Q sunglasses
As for CHANEL sunglasses, new arrivals include style 5208Q, which are glamorous square frames with soft lambskin weaved through the silver chain. CHANEL 4194Q sunglasses are an aviator-style frame in gold, accented with taupe lambskin.

All of the CHANEL La Chaîne frames come in multiple colors. For more details on each styles, or information on availability and how you can purchase these limited edition designer eyeglasses and sunglasses, please contact us at or 617-739-4141. More photos of these CHANEL styles can be found on the Vizio Optic Facebook page.

Ray Ban sunglasses: Limited edition Ultra collection

Looking for last-minute ideas for your holiday gifts? Ray Ban sunglasses are an excellent choice for the family or friend with a fashionable sense of style. The brand has released its latest Limited Edition line just in time for you to finish up the last few loved ones on your list.

Ray Ban’s Limited Edition Ultra collection takes the Aviator and Caravan styles to a luxurious new level. Both models are made of titanium and plated with 18-karat yellow or white gold.

Ray Ban Ultra Aviator Sunglasses
Ray Ban Ultra Aviator sunglasses feature the classic aviator shape, with a double bridge and adjustable nose pads for the best fit. There are also plastic tortoise ear pieces for supreme comfort.

Ray Ban Ultra Caravan Sunglasses
Ray Ban Ultra Caravan sunglasses are similar to the previous style, but have a squared off lens shape for a more retro vibe. A thinner double bridge sets this model apart from the traditional aviator, and features an engraved Ray Ban logo on the frame’s temples.

Both pairs of sunglasses in the Ultra collection have P3 polarized lenses that are treated with anti-reflective and hydro-oleophobic coatings. The latter treatment essentially makes the lenses waterproof, so that you have optimal vision in various weather conditions.

Ray Ban glasses are a wonderful idea for gifts this holiday season. Not only are they a staple of the fashion elite’s wardrobe, but the Ultra line is a collector’s item that your friends and family will always love and enjoy.

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