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MYKITA + Alexandre Herchcovitch sunglasses

MYKITA sunglasses combine several trends for the upcoming season – round, retro and thick hornrims– into its latest collaboration with Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. The 2012 spring/summer collection features five new styles in carefully chosen colors for a vintage look with a futuristic flair.

The German designer and Herchovitch joined forces and drew inspiration from Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s round eyeglass frames, all of which are made from stainless steel.

MYKITA Aritana sunglassesMYKITA Anai sunglasses

The MYKITA Aritana model, available in Gold/Amber (above), Turqouise and Matte Black/Dark Gray, is a full-frame style that features the brand’s patented hinge technology. The laser cut detailing in the front corners lead into the temples, which slope into a comfortable acetate ear piece. MYKITA Anai sunglasses are similar, but with the lower portion of the front rims cut out.

MYKITA Regina sunglassesMYKITA Golda sunglasses

A similar look is the MYKITA Regina sunglasses, offered in Vanilla (above), Rose, Stone and Black. These are true round frames, with the stainless steel temples placed at the middle of the lens height. The strategic placement of the arm pieces creates a very retro look, while maintaining a modern feel with its thick horn rims. The cut-rim version of this style is the MYKITA Golda.

MYKITA Avrum sunglasses

Most recently added to the collection is MYKITA Avrum sunglasses, a two-tone model that features squared lenses with rounded edges and Wayfarer-style corners. This style is available in Navy/Nude and Red/Nude.

For information on how you can order these special edition MYKITA + Alexandre Herchcovitch sunglasses and other MYKITA eyewear, feel free to send us a message at

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Celebrity sightings: Robert Marc eyewear

Robert Marc is one of the most revered designers in America, known for creating timeless and elegant fashions. His line of eyewear is carefully handcrafted with the finest materials for the ultimate high-end accessory. Celebrities love Robert Marc eyeglasses and sunglasses, and they have been seen sporting them all over Hollywood, in films and in the stars’ daily wardrobe.

Funnyman Chris Rock was spotted wearing Robert Marc RM 242 glasses, which is a great “geek chic” look that is so popular this season. The thick black rims feature the brand’s signature hinge design, with wide temples that slope into comfortable rounded ear pieces. This style is also available in tortoise, olive Havana, asphalt with black/grey houndstooth, and mud with olive Havana/green houndstooth.

One of Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses is Susan Sarandon, who was photographed at a recent event wearing Robert Marc RM 268 eyeglasses. This style has a rounded rim with the signature hinge, connected to straight temples that curve over the ears for a comfortable fit. RM 268 is offered in spotted tortoise (above), night sky, canyon sunrise, desert flower, and cactus blossom.

Other celebrities that are fans of Robert Marc sunglasses and eyeglasses include the ever-fashionable socialite Paris Hilton, actresses Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson, actor Liam Neeson and singer Nelly Furtado.

We do not sell Robert Marc eyewear on our website, but feel free to contact the Vizio Optic Customer Service team and we will be happy to help you purchase a pair of Robert Marc glasses.

Computer giving you eye fatigue? Try reading glasses!

Is this font too small? Are you squinting to see the text on your screen? You are not alone. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 90 percent of people suffer from “computer vision syndrome,” which is contributing to the popularity of reading glasses.

If you stare at a computer for more than three hours a day, your eyes may be strained and in need of reading eyeglasses, which can help reduce eye fatigue and blurred vision. Although your first image may be of a little bespectacled granny with a beaded necklace hanging from the hinges of her frames, you’ll be surprised to know that two-thirds of people over the age of 18 now wear some form of corrective eyewear, including reading glasses!

Prodesign 1657 eyeglasses

Any frame can be fitted for reading lenses, which are typically made of polycarbonate material. It is important to opt for anti-scratch and anti-glare treatments – the latter is especially helpful when you are trying to read near a lamp. For a trendy look, try Prodesign eyewear, which has plenty of dark-rim acetate frames for men and women that look smart and chic. The frames pictured above are ProDesign 1657 eyeglasses in color 3032.

Lindberg rimless eyeglasses

If you once had great vision, but working on a computer has slowly damaged your eyesight, glasses may not be the most exciting thing to you. Luckily, there are rimless eyeglasses that help you see perfectly without significantly changing your look. Lindberg eyewear is one of the most popular brands for rimless frames, carefully handmaking each pair for optimum fit and comfort.

La LOOP eyeglass necklace

Don’t want to wear your reading glasses all day? It can be a hassle to keep taking them on and off, forgetting where you last put them. La LOOP offers a great accessory to keep your eyewear nearby. Forget that image of the granny; these necklaces have a large hoop at the end, where you can slide the temple in so it can hang neatly. When you’re wearing the glasses, the necklace looks fashionable and a nice part of your outfit. La LOOP has everything from the pearl style above to coated nylon and strands of beads and charms.

Pick up a pair of reading glasses at Vizio Optic today, and start seeing the world in a stylish new way!

Fall/Winter Trend: Boyfriend Glasses

One of the most popular trends in eyewear this season for women is “boyfriend glasses.” It’s a retro geek-chic look that has been seen all along the fashion spectrum, from Chanel eyeglasses to Ray-Ban to many other brands.

This style is an ode to fashions of both the 1950s and 1980s – while the look was popularized for men in the fifties by singer Buddy Holly, the oversized frames came back in vogue in the decade of excess in a variety of styles. One of the trendiest models today is the Ray Ban Wayfarer, an optical version of the iconic sunglasses that skyrocketed to fame following their appearance in “Risky Business.”

Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses

The Original Ray Ban Wayfarer is the exact optical counterpart to the famous sunglasses. The thick black frames are intelligent, chic and down-to-earth, and are a statement to your bold personality.

Chanel 3123 Eyeglasses

Another great model is the Chanel 3213, which are extra large frames with rounded lenses. These are thinner than the Ray Bans, offering an alternative for those who are looking for a more delicate and ladylike style. The logo on the temple features the famous CC logo in colored varnish.

Beausoleil 260 eyeglasses

Boyfriend glasses are a bit of a novelty, so it’s important to have a little fun with them. These Beausoleil 260 frames are the perfect style for the hipster who wants to make a big statement with big glasses. These oversized, double-bridged frames are an old-school style that gives a nod to the early eighties, making the perfect retro accessory for your wardrobe.