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Vizio Optic Sweepstakes!!

We’re excited to announce a new contest on Facebook this weekend! From now until October 31st, you can enter to win one of three $50 gift cards to Vizio Optic! Simply fill out the form and follow the directions on our Sweepstakes page to enter.
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Recap: Lindberg Trunk Show

LINDBERG rimless eyeglasses

It was a fun weekend at Vizio Optic – our Lindberg Trunk Show was a great success! We had a great turnout, with plenty of excited Bostonians coming in to check out the entire collection from the innovative Danish brand.

We got to see just how many options Lindberg offers. The rimless eyewear collection, perhaps its best-known offering, features a wide range of colors, styles and patterns, as well as a number of different lens shapes. Having no frame to conform to opens up a world of design possibilities.

LINDBERG rimless eyeglasses

Lindberg eyewear also has multiple lines of titanium frames, as well as beautifully polished acetanium styles.

LINDBERG acetanium glasses

Each frame is carefully made by hand in Denmark by specially trained technicians, so you know your glasses are in great hands. The look of precision is great for those who want to stay on the conservative side and opting for a bit of color makes the clean lines of the frame a bit more fun.

LINDBERG strip titanium glasses

Maggie’s Lindberg Strip Titanium frames are subtle and professional, yet the lavender coloring of the frame makes her look more playful and approachable. With this kind of range, she can wear this style just about anywhere.

We have plenty of Lindberg frames for you to try on at Vizio Optic, as well as access to thousands of other style combinations that we can order directly from the brand. Our team will be able to help you choose the right frames for your face and for wherever you want to wear them. Lindberg is also the only brand that we carry that offers laser engraving on the inner temples, so don’t forget to take advantage of this opportunity when you make your purchase!

Stay tuned on Facebook to find out which trunk show guest won the free frame raffle! Also, make sure to “like” our page to see more photos from this event.

Lindberg Trunk Show – October 22

Not only is Lindberg the brand of choice for international celebrities and the Danish Royal Family, but the Vizio Optic team is quite enamored with its collection of sleek, modern eyeglasses and sunglasses as well, and you are invited to join us this Saturday, October 22, from12 to 4 pm for a special trunk show featuring the latest Lindberg eyewear.

Taking place in our Brookline boutique, visitors can discover the Lindberg’s best-selling rimless eyeglasses. This line offers the ultimate freedom, as you can customize nearly every aspect of the frame and lens. We are happy to work with you to find the best style, shape and color for your face, and we will be offering free laser engraving on select styles.

The vast opportunities that Lindberg’s custom designs allow may have you trying to decide between two amazing styles, but what’s betterthan owning a Lindberg frame? Owning two, of course! All trunk show guests can enjoy a $100 promotion towards any prescription purchase, which enters you to win a free Lindberg frame!

A portion of sales from the Lindberg trunk show will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we thank you for helping us contribute to such a great cause. To show our appreciation, customers will receive a special edition gift with purchase.

Don’t forget to RSVP here or on Facebook! We look forward to seeing you!

Persol: Roadster Edition is Sexy and Adventurous

Persol Roadster GT sunglasses

Persol Roadster Gran Turismo Sunglasses

Nothing defines “cool”  like a European sports car. As the epitome of great taste and style, it’s no wonder that Persol has released a line of Roadster Edition sunglasses.

The Italian designer’s latest collection was inspired by the brand’s roots – back when Persol sunglasses were primarily worn by racecar drivers like Steve McQueen. Taking cues from the “romance, heroism and obsessive attention to detail” of retro roadsters, you’ll find that these frames are a refreshing contemporary take on a classic concept.

Persol Roadster sunglasses

Handcrafted in Italy, these plastic frames feature Meflecto temples and a VictorFlex bridge – part of Persol’s patented flexible design that molds to the shape of your head for proper fit and superior comfort. Offered in Targa Florio and Gran Turismo models, both styles also have a special brow rivet, which, as you can see above, resembles the rivets in the roadster’s body style.

Persol Roadster TF sunglasses

Persol Roadster Targa Florio sunglasses

The Persol Roadster, available with blue or rose photo-polar lenses, is a beautifully made model of Persol sunglasses. Polished for four days, the acetate looks smooth and shines like a perfectly waxed race car. What better way to bring out your sleek and sexy personality than with a frame that screams adventure?

Persol Roadster TF SunglassesPersol Roadster GT Sunglasses with blue photo-polar lensesPersol Roadster GT Sunglasses with rose photo-polar lenses

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Are your eyeglasses giving off the wrong vibe?

Your glasses should be a reflection of your personality. After all, they are an accessory that you wear every day. While facial expressions can give us certain cues, your general appearance gives off another impression, and you want to make sure that you are giving the right one.

In an environment where first impressions are supremely important (such as a business setting), non-verbal cues are equally as significant, if not more, than your oral communication skills. In these instances, the safest route is to go with frames that are conservative and neutral in style, shape and color to convey professionalism, order and sensibility. Rimless eyewear from LINDBERG is a great option, as is Prodesign for classic, understated looks.

Prodesign Glasses

Top: Prodesign 1231 for women. Bottom: Prodesign 1170 for men.

Perhaps you are an active person outside of a professional atmosphere. Frames that are designed for athletic purposes not only look sporty and cool, but they serve an important protective purpose. Oakley eyewear, a brand renowned around the world for its popularity in the sports world, has excellent options for those who like to get their heart racing. Oakley Ratchet frames, for example, are outfitted with Unobtainium earpieces that maintain their grip through wetness and perspiration. The sleek look of the half-rim frame gives off a strong, yet casual vibe.

Oakley Ratchet
Fancy a bit of fun? Colorful frames with intriguing designs say a lot about your appreciation of good art and ability to take life in stride. Those who like bold colors and flirty concepts should take a look at the Face a Face eyewear collection.

Face a Face eyewear

Clockwise from top right: Face a Face Agape, Face a Face Roxan, Face a Face Axess, Face a Face Elvis, Face a Face Adore

The French designer offers each of these styles, among many others, in a vast selection of eye-catching colors.

For those who enjoy interesting design, Lafont eyeglasses take it to the next level. With laser-cut frames, bright color schemes and unconventional rim shapes, the brand helps you to show off your unique and playful personality.

Lafont eyewear

Top: Lafont Audace. Left: Lafont Borgia, Lafont Boutade, Lafont Evidence. Right: Lafont Tresor, Lafont Bibi, Lafont Eldorado.

Spotlight on Vue DC Eyewear

style=”text-align: justify;”>Everybody enjoys a bit of nostalgia, which is why retro styles are often at the forefront of fashion. Vue DC eyewear has taken this trend to new heights with its line of “modern vintage” eyeglasses and sunglasses, which help you see “the future by reflecting the past.”

Founded by longtime friends Yoma, Christian and Frederic, Vue DC glasses are heavily influenced by the fashions of previous generations. The French designers have done plenty of research to create authentic vintage-inspired eyewear, the hard work of which is reflected in their flawless handmade frames for both men and women.
Vue DC Lea M369 Eyeglasses Vue DC eyeglasses may be fashioned after older looks, but you can’t deny that they are pretty funky. The Vue DC LEA for women is a full acetate frame that comes in red/white (above), black, white/black and clear. Cat-eye glasses are a great ode to retro fashion and look best on diamond and base-down triangle-shaped faces.

Vue DC P50 C. 173 Eyeglasses The Vue DC P50 model is a unisex style with round frames that pay tribute to the past while being playful with a fun, new pattern. Available in the above black/clear style, as well as tortoiseshell, clear red, yellow, white and brown, there are plenty of colors to choose from to suit your personal look.

Vue DC Ron 325 Eyeglasses For the man who is not afraid to be bold, Vue DC RON frames make an important fashion statement. Certainly not for the timid, those who choose this model in tortoiseshell, black, brown, red or clear brown will be the most prominent and stylish among the crowd.

Vue DC sunglasses are a fantastic selection as well. The above cat-eye and round styles are just some more of what the designers have envisioned for their signature modern vintage look. In the left hand column are two shades of the popular Vue DC SLY, along with the Vue DC CAT (top right) and Vue DC STA.

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Fatale, Feminine, French, Fantastic!: ic! berlin’s ‘tres chic!’ Collection

Here at Vizio Optic, we are all about empowering our clients. We love to help you look good and feel good with the perfect pair of glasses. That is precisely why we love the tres chic! collection from ic! berlin – the ultimate eyewear for the modern woman.

ic! berlin sunglasses
Designer Christina Muthsam created the collection for today’s women, who make juggling a number of important roles look effortless with their clever sense of style. Tres chic! glasses gather their inspiration from retro looks, which add a beautifully classic touch to the trendy and feminine designs.

ic! berlin eyeglasses in the tres! chic collection come with a special treat. While you’ll get the protective accessories like a black leather case with magnetic closure and purple microfiber cloth, both designed specifically for this line, you will also receive a stylish silver necklace with a pendant designed just like your eyeglass model.
ic! berlin EyewearOne of our favorite tres chic! designs is the ic! berlin charmonte. These lightweight titanium frames come in aubergine (shown above), black, pearl and chocolate. Equipped with the designer’s trademark hinge, these ic! berlin glasses also feature small and comfortable nose pads and acetate temples for maximum comfort.

The tres chic! collection is designed exclusively for women, by women. Visit us at Vizio Optic to find  frames that will make you look, as ic! berlin says, “fatale, feminine, French, fantastic!”

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