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Spotlight on Ray Ban Wayfarer

There are people who become icons for their style. There are styles that become icons for their people. And then there are Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Tom Cruise was wearing them when he shimmied in his skivvies in “Risky Business.” Billy Joel donned them in concert. They were Michael Jackson’s shades of choice at the zenith of the “Thriller” era. And Don Henley made them symbols of all things hot, cool and unapproachable in “The Boys of Summer.”

Sunglasses weren’t always wardrobe essentials; they were once associated with weak eyes. If any one accessory can claim credit for turning a medical must into a fashion must-have, it’s the Ray Ban Wayfarer. Eclipsing decades of ephemeral fads, this emblematic style has now been rediscovered by a new generation.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 C. 902 SunglassesRay Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 C. 902 Sunglasses

Rise of an icon

First sold in the early 1950s, the Ray Ban Wayfarer was a dramatic departure from familiar eyewear. Suddenly, plastic was in, and metal was out. Wayfarers found favor throughout the 1950s and 60s, but never did the design see a greater resurgence than in the 1980s. Featured in pop-culture classics like “The Breakfast Club” and “Miami Vice,” Wayfarers became symbolic of what it meant to be cool, imperturbable, skating on the fringe of mainstream society.

If it’s true that imitation is the best form of flattery, Wayfarer Sunglasses enjoyed heightened appeal based on the sheer numbers of similar looks flying off the shelves. Their design spawned an influx of lookalike styles sported by luminaries such as Andy Warhol, Jack Nicholson and Roy Orbison.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 C. 1016 SunglassesRay Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 C. 1016 Sunglasses

Return of the inimitable

By the 1990s, new wrap-around sunglasses threatened to unseat Wayfarers from the eyewear throne. As it happened, it was the wrap-around that was marked for extinction; by the 2000s, Wayfarers were back.

“Antique” versions are the darlings of eBay, but the original design has also given way to many fashionable descendants. Unlike their predecessors, Wayfarers now come in more than one color and style, in keeping with the pace, tastes and preferences of a new age.

Ten years ago, it seemed that Wayfarer Sunglasses had passed their halcyon days. Today, nothing is further from the truth. Don Henley didn’t describe imitations in “The Boys of Summer.” Corey Hart didn’t wear fakes when he performed “Sunglasses at Night.” Neither song is new, but both are classics.

Ray Ban Wayfarers have always been star-makers. And like the icons they accessorize, their ageless style is anything but a has-been.

Women, Get Ready for 2011 – Purple Glasses Are a Must-Have!

MYKITA Barbara C. 908 Eyeglasses
Fashion eyewear is about so much more than coordinating your frames and your accessories. As tempted as you may be to stick to neutrals with eyeglasses, there’s a reason eyewear designers are focusing on bright colors these days. Vivid frames and even colored lenses are in, and right now there’s almost nothing hotter than purple glasses. Purple eyeglasses and purple sunglasses are definitely in style, but you have to be an edgy, creative type to carry off purple frames. We’ll admit it helps when you’re talking about styles like LaFont’s Audace with its amazing cut-out design, but it’s not all dynamism and pizzazz in the world of purple glasses. For every vibrant royal purple eyeglass frame, there are less intense, but still striking frames in soft lavenders, rich reddish purples, and deep violets. The thing that surprised us most about this exciting and rather daring fashion trend is that purple glasses simply cannot be pigeonholed. You’ll find purple popping up in every frame style and shape, in eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and for women, and in price ranges from the budget-friendly to the sky high bracket. No matter who you are, there’s pair of purple glasses that will make you look absolutely amazing.

It’s definitely a trend we love, and we’re looking forward to wearing our purple glasses well into the fall. But we’re also aware that no love affair lasts forever, so we want to know: What do you think the hottest color for eyeglasses and sunglasses will be in 2011?

Lafont Audace eyeglasses

MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses

Lafont Dame eyeglasses

Face a Face Adore 1 eyeglasses

Top 10 Tips to Make Sure That You Are Buying Authentic CHANEL Sunglasses

CHANEL sunglasses have a unique style and are unique and very special. They have been in fashion for decades and will continue to be for many decades more. Because of their popularity, every year and every new season’s designs are exploited when counterfeiters go to work copying these styles. Counterfeiters may try to copy the elegant designs of genuine CHANEL sunglasses but no copy has the true details that set authentic CHANEL sunglasses apart from their imitators.

The first and most important factor to consider when buying authentic CHANEL is to consider where you are making the purchase in the first place. Look only for an authorized retailer! CHANEL is very selective and very particular about whom they will give a license to sell their products. For this very reason, street vendors and various other mall stall owners will never be authorized to sell CHANEL sunglasses. You can be absolutely confident that any street vendors’ CHANEL sunglasses are counterfeit.

Another huge sign that you are buying fake CHANEL sunglasses is any kinds of discounts. It is well known that CHANEL does not allow any authorized retailers to discount the products. So no matter where you are and no matter how good their discounts seem, you should quickly pass on their wares and go elsewhere to buy the genuine CHANEL product.

While it is easy to avoid street vendors for the reasons above, it is unfortunate that many regular eyewear and sunglass shops with legitimate-looking storefronts may be also be guilty of selling fakes. In that case, you should look very closely at their sunglasses and pay close attention to the details. You should also ask whether they are an authorized dealer. Usually you will be able to tell by how they answer. Another tip that will help you discern the authorized CHANEL dealers is to look around the store for CHANEL promotional materials such as posters and signs because those can only be received directly from CHANEL to help the store market the brand and products.  If you don’t see any posters or any promotional materials then this vendor does not carry any authorized or authentic CHANEL eyewear.

So what are all the key ways to check for the authentic product?  Here are the Top 10 Tips to help you make sure that you are buying authentic CHANEL sunglasses:

1.    The store is offering you discounts and this is the first clear bad sign  because CHANEL does not permit its authorized retailers to discount the products.
2.    You are inside the store and notice that they don’t have any CHANEL promotional materials or posters. This is a reliable sign that they are not an authorized dealer.
3.    Look for authentic CHANEL logos on the side. For example, two interlocking C should be correct. Fakes often fudge the logo.
4.    Look at the lenses. Do you see an etched CHANEL name or logo? Authentic CHANEL sunglasses clearly bear their quality brand mark.
5.    New authentic CHANEL sunglasses will have unique identification and serial numbers etched on one of the lenses, typically laser etched on the right lens.
6.    Note the full packaging. Real CHANEL sunglasses come with an elegant authentic case and a CHANEL certification confirming that the product is authentic.
7.    Remember that quality control for genuine CHANEL products is exacting. If there are any visible flaws in the sunglasses, they aren’t genuine CHANEL.
8.    Real CHANEL glasses are heavy for their size. Lightweight lenses are likely impostors.
9.    Ask about the return policy. Unscrupulous dealers selling fake CHANEL goods have either a poor return policy or none at all. Genuine CHANEL retailers have nothing to hide and are very clear with their return policies.
10.    Real CHANEL sunglasses have one color of hardware throughout. If hinges are silver, check carefully the rest of the visible metal inside the temples of the glasses.

Also, note that the serial number should be laser etched on the side of the right lens. Today there are some counterfeit sunglasses that come with serial numbers etched on the lens but carefully note that there should not be a space between the first two characters of the serial number and the remaining numbers. Below is an example of fake sunglasses (source: that help you see this example:

Online sunglass retailers may be authorized dealers that carry authentic CHANEL sunglasses but be especially wary of difficult return policies and you should also call and talk to them. As it’s impossible to examine the product before buying, it’s imperative for you to seek only authorized dealers with clear return policy. Some people also buy CHANEL sunglasses secondhand from auction sites like eBay but as there is virtually no guarantee of authenticity and it’s hard to justify spending CHANEL prices on what could well be a fake.

Do careful research before spending a large sum on a pair of sunglasses. Authentic CHANEL designer sunglasses are built to last and worth their price but paying for CHANEL and getting a counterfeit is no bargain.

The Most Famous Sunglasses In The World – Ray Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Celebrities have expressed great interest in Ray Ban sunglasses over the years and in particular the Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses have been the most popular. Model 3025 is a classical and signature pair of Aviator Sunglasses. They have been extremely popular for celebrities to wear for years. It is likely that more celebrities have purchased and worn Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses than any other type of sunglasses in history.

Ray Ban 3025 Sunglasses

These sunglasses have even made appearances in movies by celebrities. Both male actors and female actresses wear these sunglasses because these aviators have unisex frames.

Here is a short list of celebrities who are known to have worn these Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses:

•    Tom Cruise in Top Gun
•    Russell Crowe in The Next Three Days
•    Bradley Cooper in The Hangover
•    Zak Efron in 17 Again
•    Nicholas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous
•    Kevin Spacey wears them in Casino Jack
•    Hugh Jackman in Real Steel
•    Will Forte in MacGruber
•    David Duchovny in The Joneses
•    Lamman Rucker in Why Did I Get Married Too?
•    Tom Cruise in Knight and Day
•    Aaron Stanford in How I Got Lost
•    Danny Glover in Shooter
•    Rob Lowe in the series Brothers and Sisters

In addition to this, female actresses have been spotted wearing these aviators in movie scenes too.

•    Sarah Jessica Parker wears them in Sex and the City 2
•    Julia Roberts wears them in Eat, Pray, Love

Musician Michael Jackson also wore Ray Ban 3025 Sunglasses to his announcement of his last shows in London and has been wearing them many times in the past too.

Ray Ban Sunglasses have been sighted all over Hollywood throughout history. Because they are comfortable and fashionable, these celebrities enjoyed wearing them and also influenced movie viewers. The lenses are also available in different tints. Some are tinted light and some are tinted dark, and each pair comes with its own case. Because of their comfort, style, and great features, these Ray Ban Sunglasses are forever in style and yet legendary. It is likely that they have been chosen and worn by more celebrities than any other pair of sunglasses throughout history.

Celebrity Sightings: Lady Gaga wears CHANEL Sunglasses in Her Video Telephone

In her music video “Telephone,” Lady Gaga was seen wearing CHANEL sunglasses. If one wants to know how Lady Gaga achieves her brilliant and unique style, wearing CHANEL sunglasses serves as evidence that this entertainer has style as wearing anything by CHANEL ensures that one always achieves style that is brilliant, chic, and sophisticated. Lady Gaga wears CHANEL sunglasses outside of her music videos as well.

Besides the Lady Gaga CHANEL Sunglasses, there are frequent celebrity sightings in CHANEL sunglasses, because celebrities understand the impact of these sunglasses upon one’s own style. These sunglasses can make any outfit look instantly more stunning, whether one is wearing a full-on costume like Lady Gaga or one is wearing skinny jeans and a tee. Lady Gaga wears CHANEL sunglasses as a way to enhance the sophisticated quality of her costumes in her music videos and outside of music videos. Other celebrity sightings in CHANEL sunglasses feature celebs simply wearing these sunglasses to the grocery store or while out shopping in the city or to the beach –  frankly these can be worn anywhere and will always look good. If a woman wants a more polished look that will make everyone around her envious, then these sunglasses truly are the way to go.

Annette Benning Wears Robert Marc 576 Sunglasses

 If you have seen the movie The Woman, you will see Annette Benning wearing Robert Marc Style 576 Sunglasses. Annette Benning plays the role of a fashion magazine editor and these Robert Marc Sunglasses are very stylish on her. The Robert Marc Style 576 Sunglasses that she wears have mocha colored frames on the exterior. New York City fashion fans in the movie view Annette Benning as a stylish woman, so her reputation indicates that the glasses appear very trendy and popular and appeal to many people interested in fashion. If you like how these Robert Marc sunglasses look on Annette Benning in The Woman then come by and try them out!

Robert Marc 576 Sunglasses

Spotlight on Mosley Tribes Enforcer Sunglasses

Mosley Tribes sunglasses collection is stylish, modern and unique. Its designers use artistic inspiration of particular place and pair it with state of the art materials, classic styles that are perfected and refined. The Mosley Tribes Enforcer is a case in point. More than a traditional aviator frame, Enforcer sunglasses are sleek and streamlined, providing optimal eyewear performance colored in fashionable tints and hues.

The advanced technology of Mosley Tribes sunglasses’ VFX technology provides polarized, photochromic lenses fashioned from mineral glass. Oleophobic and anti-reflective coatings prevent buildup and distractions from marring a picture perfect view of the world. Mosley Tribes sunglasses are constructed of lenses with photochromic properties that change with surrounding light conditions to provide maximum eye protection under the harshest desert sun while adjusting to let in the soft, rosy tones of a sunrise over the mesas or dusk over an adobe skyline.
Mosley Tribes Enforcer Sunglasses Enforcer sunglasses come in a range of lens colors. The lenses change from silver or gold in low light to midnight, java, chrome amber or chrome sapphire over the course of the day. Whether out in the wilds or in the hubbub and bustle of the city, the Mosley Tribes Enforcer is a sturdy and functional piece of technical eyewear that exceeds expectations while being stylish in the extreme. These sunglasses seamlessly go from the lonely and rugged trail to hobnobbing at a cozy cafe or art gallery. They fit into every situation and match every wardrobe.

Crafted to exacting standards of style and function, the Mosley Tribes Enforcer is comfortable and lightweight. This is a pair of glasses for all day and evening wear. Whether you are in desert on or in the city – these sunglasses will be perfect. The desert can be a harsh place, unbearable without proper eye protection, but the crystalline blue of the sky takes a person’s breath away. The city can be equally bright. Having sunglasses that adjust their tint thanks to Mosley Tribes’ unique VFX lenses means every color remains true and no detail is missed. Life in all its vibrancy and detail can be enjoyed in full, in the round, comfortably and in impeccable fashion. These sunglasses are perfect for a discerning clientele.