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Now You, Too, Can Make Your Mark

The term visionary is applied to so many people and things in the modern age that the meaning of the word can feel diluted, but eyewear designer Robert Marc gives the word visionary back its full impact. What is special about Robert Marc eyewear is that there are no gimmicks and no attempts to conform to fleeting trends. Rather, it is the subtle details that give Marc’s eyewear designs their tremendous flair – he understands that the delicate curve of a frame or the look of a hinge can alter not only how a pair of glasses or sunglasses frames a face, but also how they ultimately fit.

Cited as America’s greatest optical designer, Marc opened his first shop more than twenty years ago, and that shop is often credited with being one of the first ever high-end eyewear boutiques to treat eyeglasses and sunglasses as a true fashion accessory. And it was precisely Marc’s experience working as an optician along with his experience designing eyewear for other opulent glasses and sunglasses designers that made him an almost instant success when he launched his own critically-acclaimed premier collection of luxury eyewear in 1999.

All Robert Marc eyeglasses and sunglasses are handcrafted and branded with Marc’s unique proprietary hinge that has an amazingly elegant silhouette but sacrifices nothing in the way of quality. From slim, sophisticated Japanese titanium frames to playful frames crafted from Italian acetate, from rimless styles to cat’s eye frames, there is something for everyone in Marc’s catalog of designs, whether you’re a petit woman or a broad man. Robert Marc eyeglasses and sunglasses are also unique in that there are frames designed to fit both round and angular faces equally well. Each pair of Marc’s eyeglasses and sunglasses features the aforementioned hinge, which shuns the standard metal pin in favor of a unique buckle-like element that looks amazing and is incredibly strong.

In 2001, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) selected Robert Marc as a member, and his eyewear can be seen on celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Matt Damon. Even more notably, celebrities often choose Robert Marc eyewear for red carpet events and award shows. Marc himself has enjoyed his share of the limelight, appearing regularly on CNN, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and Extra.

Today, there are nine Robert Marc boutiques located in New York City and Boston. Robert Marc eyeglasses can be found at exclusive shops throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and of course, at Vizio Optic.