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Meet Prodesign Frames: Blue and Pink

We just thought that you would like these Prodesign eyeglass frames as much as we do. Today we were in the mood for blue and pink Prodesign styles.  And here they are.

Please meet Prodesign 4627:

Prodesign 4627 C. 8522 Eyeglasses And let us introduce you to Prodesign 4628:
Prodesign 4628 C. 3022 Eyeglasses
Close your eyes and imagine, how do you think these Prodesign glasses would look on your face?

How to Make a Perfect First Impression

Did you ever consider that your eyeglasses may be the first thing someone would notice when they meet you for the first time?

You might think people would look at your new shoes or your tie, your dress or clothes or hair or other more things first.But it’s almost impossible not to look at someone’s face or eyes when you see them. And if you wear glasses, your specs are going to be a big part of that first impression.

That means that when you’re buying glasses, you should be thinking about not only what frames look good on you, but also the impression your frames will give people who are meeting you for the first time. When people come to Vizio Optic to learn more about buying designer glasses, we like to recommend that they think of eyewear in terms of creating a signature look.

What’s a signature look? It’s the sum of your style, your accessories, and the way you carry yourself that says to the world “I am me! I am X, Y, or Z!” How do glasses fit into a signature look? Think about the chunky frames worn by designer Yves Saint Laurent – what did his glasses say about him? Or if you meet someone wearing glammed-up cat’s eye frames, how does that change your first impression of them?

Because your glasses play such a large role in that first impression people form, it pays to choose frames carefully. To give you a more concrete idea of what we mean, here are four designer frames along with the first impression they might convey:

Alain Mikli Al0322 C. 0102 Eyeglasses The person wearing these Alain Mikli glasses is most definitely fun and fashionable. She or he probably has a vibrant and outgoing personality.

Christian Roth 14052 Be Eyeglasses Anyone who chooses these Christian Roth frames has got to be smart, secure, and responsible because it’s such a mature, intelligent style of glasses.

Vue DC Art C. 850 Eyeglasses

If you’re wearing the Vue DC Art, people will regard you as being geek chic – in other words fashionably intelligent, not a slave to fashion. You may even be taken for an Andy Warhol devotee.

Prodesign -1224-C.5031- Eyeglasses Now ProDesign glasses are some of our favorites in the first impressions department because from the front they say ‘responsible adult’ but from the side they say ‘I’m still one of the cool kids!’ That definitely keeps people guessing!

What first impression do your glasses convey?

Meet Some Beautiful Classy Beausoleil Eyeglass Frames

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses

We really like the Beausoleil frame M700.This frame comes in other colors other than red, which includes black, silver, gunmetal, brown, and metallic cream.Which ones do you like?

Here is the black:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - BlackSilver:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - SilverGunmetal, which is similar to the silver but will be slightly darker:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - GunmetalBrown:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - BrownMetallic Cream, not quite a gold:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - Metallic Cream

Meet Frank, Edwin and Charly – Our Favorite Frame of the Day Choices from MYKITA Plastic Eyeglass Frames

We just thought to share some of our favorite plastic MYKITA frames.  What great frames!  These MYKITA eyeglass frames include Frank, Edwin, and Charly.  Here are some photos that we thought you may enjoy:

Meet MYKITA Frank:

MYKITA Edwin C. 602 Eyeglasses And we introduce you to MYKITA Charly:
MYKITA Charly C. 904 Please feel free to stop by at any time at Vizio Optic at our store in Brookline Village to try on these frames and to look at the rest of our MYKITA eyewear collection.

From Denmark with love – ProDesign Eyewear!

Prodesign 1638 C. 4932 Eyeglasses
Prodesign 4642 C. 9022 Eyeglasses
Prodesign 4618 C. 4132 Eyeglasses ProDesign glasses are some of the most affordable high-end modern glasses available today for both women and men. For offering high quality at a great price, ProDesign Eyewear has an enduring appeal.

ProDesign was originally founded in 1973, and the company’s design philosophy and brand values underwent an amazing change over time, heading in a direction that put ProDesign into a league of its own in the world of luxury eyewear.

The designers – Allan Rasmussen, Marin Jespersen, Oden Capello, and Gail Spence – work in titanium, choice metals, and acetate. Additionally, Gail Spence, an American-born Danish jewelry designer, specializes in colorful and lightweight aluminum frames with a signature hinge that allows wearers to choose any number of interchangeable temple designs for a custom look.

ProDesign frames are a literal embodiment of Danish simplicity, with clean lines and nothing that could be called superfluous in their construction. But each classic pair of ProDesign eyeglasses is imbued with something unexpected – perhaps a bold color on the interior of the frame, angular cut outs on the arms, or a contrasting emphasis on the hinge. Each detail is designed for maximum impact without overpowering the frame itself.

There is a trend-setting timelessness that defines ProDesign eyewear, with traditional shapes balanced with a playfulness that makes these frames appeal to people from all walks of life. In the world of ProDesign, eyewear outfits the face, so the company has always endeavored to create frames that follow the unique facial contours and enhance the appearance of all who wear them.

There are fivemain lines of ProDesign eyewear:

  • ESSENTIAL: For those who follow fashion but prefer a more subtle look, Essential embodies mainstream style sensibilities without demanding attention..
  • 4TH DIMENSION: These frames have a sporty, urban, and above all chic modishness that is perfect for the glasses wearer who wants to get noticed.
  • IRIS: Understated glamour is the defining factor of the Iris collection, which has an unmistakable feminine touch.
  • ZENSE: Creativity underlies Zense frames, which feature simple colors and high-tech details that combine to form an exclusive, expertly-designed silhouette
  • FOR PRODESIGN: This line is created by guest designers (such as Gail Spence) and has a worldly quality that comes from outside influences.

ProDesign glasses are a very popular choice at Vizio Optic among people looking for eyeglasses with elegance and style yet at a great price. The diversity of the brand’s collections means that even those who don’t initially come to us looking for ProDesign frames are often taken with their matchless style.

Have you ever tried a pair of ProDesign glasses?