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Aviator Sunglasses: An Instant Classic

Even if the name Aviator sunglasses (or just Aviators) doesn’t immediately ring a bell, we guarantee you’d know them on sight. You may have missed them in the 1960s when they were a hit with all the cool kids, but it’s the rare person indeed who wouldn’t recognize a photo of a young Tom Cruise in his Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses from the 1986 movie Top Gun.

Also known as “pilot shades,” Ray-Ban’s Aviator sunglasses feature one of the most recognizable – and most copied – frame styles out there. Developed by Bausch & Lomb (who later founded Ray-Ban) in 1936, the original Aviators had oblique teardrop frames made of gold-plated metal and featured green lenses made of mineral glass to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays.

The unique teardrop shape that have made Aviator sunglasses an enduring classic is more than just a concession to style – the frames and slightly convex lenses work together to cover close to the wearer’s full range of vision while also preventing as much light as possible from hitting the eye.The end result is a slick pair of sunglasses that cancel glare without
sacrificing visibility.

Is it any wonder that Ray-Ban Aviators became an almost immediate favorite of military aviators, and then civilian aviators and law enforcement officers? America’s love affair with Aviator Sunglasses began early on when photographers captured General Douglas MacArthur sporting a pair when he landed at Red Beach in Palo, Leyte in the Philippines during World War II.

Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator RB3025 mirror sunglasses

But as much as Ray-Ban’s Aviator sunglasses have always been associated with man’s man generals and Air Force hot shots, most people love Aviators because they’re still the epitome of cool. Just ask Hollywood! This is one pair of sunglasses that literally goes with anything – they look as great paired with an elegant suit as they do when worn with jeans and a faded t-shirt.

Need more proof that Aviator sunglasses never stopped being hot? Ray-Ban recently celebrated the birth of the iconic brand and their most famous sunglasses, the Aviator, with a re-launch of their signature frames and live shows in New York and London featuring infamous punk-rock legends Iggy and the Stooges and the New York Dolls.

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Polarized Lenses Make For a More Colorful World

The first thing most people look for when it comes to sunglasses is design and fashion, and you’ll never hear us debate that style is important to look attractive and modern. But it’s easy to forget something else that is even more important for the health and safety of your eyes – the lenses which protect you from dangerous sun rays.

One such option is polarized sunglasses – or those shades that have polarized lenses. Once the purview of fishermen and boaters along with truck drivers and outdoor enthusiasts, polarized lenses have hit the mainstream, and are now essential for everyday wear. In fact, sunglasses with polarized lenses are the fastest growing trend in eyeglasses according to sales figures.

Why Polarized Lenses?

Simply put, the lenses in polarized sunglasses are treated with a special film that blocks reflected light, reducing glare to a minimum, and making it easier and safer to engage in certain sports and other activities. But even for those who aren’t driving, golfing, biking, or skiing, polarized lenses are still a great choice because everything the wearer sees stays true to life on even the sunniest days.

When you put on a pair of some of the best made polarized sunglasses such as the Maui Jim polarized sunglasses or any other sport or designer sunglasses such as the Ray Ban sunglasses for example, that nebulous, washed-out look the world gets when the sun is shining brightly is immediately replaced by beautiful, saturated colors and crisp edges. You’re suddenly seeing the world as it really is, which can add a whole new dimension to any outdoor experience.

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Not all polarized lenses are created equal

The cheap polarized sunglasses won’t block nearly as much glare as manufacturers would like people to believe, and the worst lenses will actually distort your picture of the world. That’s why, when it comes to sunglasses with polarized lenses, we always recommend designer brands that have proven their ability to block glare without sacrificing style or elegance.

The High-Tech MYKITA Screw-Less Hinge: Strength in Simplicity

If you think there’s nowhere left to go in the world of eyewear innovation, the German design experts behind the pioneering MYKITA Eyewear hinge would beg to differ.Traditional screw construction?That’s a thing of the past.

MYKITA (founded in 2004 by Philipp Haffmans and HaraldGottschling) replaced soldering and screws (that have traditionally been the weakest link in eyeglasses) with a unique snap-hinge forgedfrom top-quality stainless steel.The hinge, as seen
below, is completely screw-less!

This MYKITA hinge is a technical marvel. Every piece of the frame is cut from sheet metal a mere0.5 mm thick, which results in ultra-light, featherweight glasses that feel like wearing nothing at all. And when you have no screws then it’s even lighter!

The hinge itself is created using a system of carefully calculated folds – no screws means that the signature MYKITA hinge requires virtually no maintenance. There’s nothing that can loosen… nothing you can lose. Add to that the fact that the MYKITA hinge can easily be described as a heretofore unheard of pinnacle of frame resilience, and it’s immediately obvious why MYKITA eyewear is making screws in eyeglasses utterly redundant.Haffmans and Gottschling’s original, modern design proves beyond a doubt there’s strength in simplicity.

The best part? The MYKITA screw-less hinge allows for total frame flexibility and a true customized fit for any facial proportions. That means that whatever MYKITA style you choose, your glasses will look like they were made just for you.

Lafont Eyeglasses: Colorful and Elegant Eyeglasses Frames for a Sophisticated and Fun Individual

Lafont Eyewear was established in France early in the 1930s. Lafont displays the arts and designs of Paris and makes an effort in providing first-rate quality Eyeglasses and sunglasses to individuals desiring a fun but elegant look. All of their products are beautifully handcrafted and carefully designed to fit to a certain individual’s character. For many decades, Lafont has gained a real following and a lot of admirers from the public and from the fashion world. Lafont comprises high quality materials and a great combinations of colors, textures and patterns.

Some of its popular Eyeglasses include the following:

Lafont Celimene eyeglassesLafont Celimene Eyeglasses – one of the re-editions from the Lafont vintage eyewear collection. It is designed with a cat-eye shape with a light lavender accent making it look simple but absolutely lovely.

Lafont Luna eyeglasses

Lafont Luna Eyeglasses – a Lafont re-edition from its vintage eyeglasses collection designed with a classic shape that comes with various colors:feminine stripe Havana, aqua blue and bold leopard with black prints.

Lafont Burlesque eyeglasses

Lafont Burlesque Eyeglasses – a this eyeglass frame that belong to the Paris collections with a funky-retro styled frame, some with leopard prints.

Lafont Mexico Eyeglasses — this frame is a semi-rimless frame featuring a toroise-shell look. These glasses have combinations of impressive designs and colors that definitely make it look elegant and classy.

Lafont Kids Eyeglasses — Lafont makes eyewear designed for kids. These are colorful and stylsh frames for young kids. Frames are perfectly cut for small faces that also features young and fresh, colorful  designs that kids love. Some popular kids eyeglass frames have special designs blended with animal prints. Lafont Jamique and Lafont Bolero were characterized by snake prints that give both a very stylish appearance.

Lafont Byron Sunglasses – and for a unisex pair of fashion sunglasses, this one is truly part of a Paris favorite, designed with a classy style ideal for men and women. It works great with transition lenses. This frame, like a chameleon, and serve for you as either an eyeglass frame or a retro pair of sunglasses – just pick one and go with it.